Halloween Lesson Plan for Preschool and Kindergarten

Plan your Halloween season with exciting crafts and activities kids will love. Provide a variety of games, crafts and stories to support hands-on fun and learning in preschool and kindergarten. 

 How to have fun at Halloween with preschoolers

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Are you excited to start Halloween activities in your home or preschool?

Little ghosts and goblins can't wait to dress up in silly costumes, play games, and shout 'trick-or-treat' at your door!

As the big event approaches, teachers and parents like to fill their calendars with fun activities that keep kids active and learning.

But planning can be overwhelming! This Halloween unit can help with that.

Find amazing ideas for guiding preschoolers through this busy season with:

  • circle time
  • gross motor play
  • science
  • art
  • language

Plan a full week (or more!) with the help of the A.B.C.'s (Activities - Books - Crafts).


Halloween preschool lesson plan

This Halloween unit is based on the ABC Method we designed to help make program planning easy and enjoyable.

The activities, books and crafts include science, math, literacy, art and more, to provide a well-rounded Halloween-themed program. 

Grab the free planner to kick off your Halloween theme. It's filled with a week of options to add to your everyday play in preschool or kindergarten.

Halloween Unit Printable Planner 

(Editable in Canva)

More information about the activities in the planner can be found in the list of blog posts below.

Here is a full list of activities organized by the ABC Method.

A = Activities 

1. Small group or circle time

Lighted Pumpkin Carving Activity 

Pumpkin Math Sensory Bin

Counting Ghosts on the Felt Board

Halloween Math Games Using Beverage Stickers

Halloween Puppet Show

Halloween Fingerplay


Pumpkin Song (Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) 

     Pumpkin pumpkin big and round (extend arms, touch hands together to make a circle)

     Pumpkin growing on the ground (crouch low to the ground, wrap arms around knees)

     With your stem and leaves of green, Fun for us on Halloween (slowly stand, extend arms to form a circle)

     Pumpkin pumpkin big and round, pumpkin growing on the ground (slowly return to crouching position, rest arms on the ground)


2. Games

Scavenger Hunt

  • Find hidden ghost and pumpkin cardboard cut-outs. 

Pumpkin Roll and Wash

  • Roll small pumpkins down an inclined plane and into a tub of soapy water.

Witches Brew

  • Stir foods and drinks into a large cauldron or pot. Give spooky directions as you add each item: swamp water (orange juice), spider web (fizzy water), lizard toes (strawberries), fish scales (lemon or lime slices).

Ghost Parachute

  • Spread a white sheet on the floor. Children gather in a circle around the sheet, with space between each child. Kids bend down and grasp the edge of the sheet with two hands. Everyone stands up and gently begins to raise and lower hands in unison, to flap the sheet up and down.
  • Give simple directions: bounce the sheet quickly, slowly. Walk in a circle holding the sheet.

Monster Freeze

Play a version of the popular freeze game using monsters, ghosts or witches as your theme. Kids move around the room as Halloween characters while Halloween music plays. Kids can depict the characters in their movements: stomp like a monster, fly on a broom, swoop like a ghost. Kids then freeze in place when the music stops. Ask kids to make their best monster face, witch cackle, or ghost 'Boo!' when they freeze.

B = Books

Peppa's Halloween Party

Room on the Broom

Clifford's Halloween

Happy Halloween Little Critter

The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat

The Berenstain Bears Happy Halloween!

Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins



C = Crafts 

1. Art and Craft Activities

Pumpkin Puzzle


Hats for a Jack-o-Lantern

Paper Shapes Halloween Witch

Halloween Broomstick

What Will You See on Halloween Night Art Activity

Drawing Ghosts with Chalk on Foam Trays


2. Painting Activities

Burlap Pumpkin

Sponge Painted Ghosts

Spooky Spider

Painting with Pumpkin Pieces

Pumpkin Picture in a Frame


 Take the stress out of Halloween planning!  This unit is prepared to help you celebrate with the kids.


Best Halloween activities for preschoolers


 STEAM ebook filled with Halloween activities.

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