Fun Lift-the-Flaps Valentine Game to Play with Preschoolers

This is a fun Valentine game you can play with a large or small group of children. The game promotes gross motor movement while engaging counting, fine motor and sensory skills. And kids will have fun lifting the flaps to see what is hidden underneath!

Lift the flaps Valentine game for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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This is a game that can be played any time of year to engage gross motor and number recognition skills.  

You can easily make it seasonal, or perfect for other holidays, by using shamrocks or Easter eggs instead of hearts. 

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I made the game on a piece of poster board. Two magnets hold the game board to the refrigerator door, but you can also tape it to a wall.

Supplies for the Valentine game:
  • construction paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • self-adhesive numerals
  • poster board
  • glue
  • tape 
Instructions for the Valentine game:

1. Trace a heart pattern onto red or pink construction paper. Cut out several hearts, depending on the size of your poster board.


2. Tape the hearts onto the poster board at the top edge of the heart only, so the hearts can be lifted to reveal hidden instructions.

3. Put a number on each valentine. Use a marker or self-adhesive numerals.

4. Print instructions for movements onto the poster board, or use a smaller heart cut-out as shown here. 

Another option is to tape or glue pictures of animals under the flaps.

Children move like the animal shown or make the animal sound.

How to play the game:

1. Draw a number from a pack of playing cards.
2. Match the number to one on the valentine chart.
3. Lift the flap to reveal the instructions for movement.

Here are some more ideas for movements:

  • dance
  • walk on tiptoes
  • climb a tree
  • reach for the stars
  • bend side to side
  • leap like a frog


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