Simple Valentine Counting Game for Preschoolers

Holidays and special events add a festive touch to games and activities, and Valentine's Day is no exception! In this Valentine activity, kids sort, count, and match heart shapes, using a set of Valentine cards you can easily make.

Valentine Counting Card Game for Preschoolers

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Valentine's Day games are fun for kids at home or at school. DIY games and activities with a Valentine theme are easy to make, and can provide both gross motor or fine motor options.

This Lift-the-Flaps game is great to get kids moving, and a Valentine flower craft can be used for an art activity.

For math games, the set of DIY heart-shaped number cards in this tutorial provides lots of possibilities for early learners.


Instructions for numbered cards for the Valentine Counting Game


Valentine Counting Game for Preschoolers


1. Cut 10 heart shapes from white card stock.

2. Number the cards from 1 to 10.

3. To outline the cards with a red border, tape a slightly smaller heart onto the card and color in the edge with red marker.


Preschool Valentine math games


4. Draw an equal number of small heart shapes on the back of each card to correspond with the numeral on the front.

5. Cut small heart shapes from red card stock to match the size of the hearts on the back of the cards.

6. Laminate all the cards and heart shapes with self-adhesive clear protective liner for durability.


 Valentine cards for preschool math games


How to play
  1. Place the large Valentine cards in a stack on the table. Place small red hearts in a pile next to the card stack.
  2. Pick up the first heart and say the number, then turn the card over.
  3. Count out one or more small hearts to place on the outlined space(s) on the back of the card.


This is a simple game that preschoolers can play to support early math skills.

Make the cards accessible to kids along with other math materials for observing and exploring during free play opportunities.


  Valentine's Day Pinterest board.


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