Valentine Counting Games for Preschoolers

Valentine counting games support early math skills with fun activities. Kids count, sort and match heart shapes, using a set of Valentine cards you can easily make.

Valentine counting games for kids

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Holidays and special events add a festive twist to popular games and activities. Valentine's Day is no exception! 

Activities with a Valentine theme are easy to provide with everyday craft materials. 


The traditional colors and shapes we recognize for Valentine's Day build interest and excitement in everyday activities.  

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Valentine Math Games

The heart-shaped number cards in this tutorial provide lots of possibilities for engaging early math skills. Counting and sorting with a Valentine theme supports learning through play, strengthening cognitive, math and fine motor skills.

A set of cards is easy to make to explore shapes and numbers. 

How to make a set of numbered cards


Make a set of numbered cards for kids activities


Cut 10 heart shapes from white card stock.

Number the cards from 1 to 10.

  • To outline the cards with a red border, tape a slightly smaller heart onto the numbered card, then color in the edge with red marker.


Heart shaped numbered Valentine cards


Draw small heart shapes on the back of each card to correspond with the numeral on the front.

Cut small heart shapes from red card stock to match the size of the hearts on the back of the cards.

  • Seal the cards and heart shapes with self-adhesive clear protective liner for durability.


 Valentine card games for preschool and kindergarten


Valentine counting games

Game 1.


Place the set of Valentine cards in a stack on the table. Place small red hearts in a pile next to the card stack.

Pick up the first heart and say the number, then turn the card over.

Count out one or more small hearts to place on the outlined space(s) on the back of the card.


Game 2.


Sort numbered Valentine cards in order from 1 to 5


Line up cards from in order from 1 to 5, leaving one card out of the sequence. Kids can choose the correct card to insert into the row.


Game 3.

Place cards in a pile. Draw the top card and place on the table. Draw another card and decide if it goes before or after the first card. Continue drawing cards and placing them in order.


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Support early learning with interesting themed activities kids will love. Preschoolers can play card games with these heart shaped cards to support early math skills. 

Make a set of numbered cards accessible for independent exploring of numbers and shapes. 


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 Valentine card games for preschool and kindergarten



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