Fun Painting and Drawing Activity for Preschoolers

Painting is always a fun activity for kids. They love mixing colors and making squiggly lines, and they especially love having freedom to explore. Extend a painting activity by providing opportunities for kids to draw pictures on their masterpieces for creative and fine motor fun!

Painting and drawing activity for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

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Kids love finger painting - it allows them freedom to create while they enjoy a fun sensory experience.

In fact, we often get up to our elbows in finger painting! This activity is focused on the process and not the product. There isn't a final result or product to achieve. 

Washable paints are perfect for painting activities - they have colors and textures we love, and they easily wash away in sudsy water. Washing up is just another fun sensory experience!

Supplies for preschool painting activity - Preschool Toolkit



Mixing paint colors in a painting and drawing preschool art activity


1. Cover the work area with a drop cloth. We used a sheet of clear plastic left over from a renovation project. The plastic may have to be taped to the table surface to keep it from sliding around. 

2. Place a large piece of poster board or cardboard on the drop cloth.

3. Squeeze a few blobs of various paint colors onto the paper.

4. Mix the colors with a brush or fingers! If you make this a finger painting activity, you can get some great tips for finger painting from No Time for Flash Cards.

Painting and drawing activity for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

When the paint colors are mixed, you have a canvas on which to draw pictures! Use the opposite end of a paint brush to draw shapes and designs in the paint. 

Since it was close to Valentine's Day when we did the activity, we made heart shapes for a Valentine theme!


Painting and drawing activity for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

When you want to erase part or all of your picture, swipe over the drawing with your paint brush. Or spread the paint around with your hands!

Add a dab of paint now and then, if needed, to keep the surface from drying out.

Painting and drawing activity for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit


Drawing tools for drawing and painting activity - Preschool Toolkit

Try some other drawing tools:  feather  -  cotton swab  -  craft stick.

The drawing activity can only be done while the paint is wet. Once you have the masterpiece you want, allow the paint to dry and enjoy the result!


More ways to paint!

Paint with ice cubes.

Paint with wood blocks.

Paint with pumpkin pieces.


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