14 Homemade Painting Tools for Preschool Painting Activities

Painting with homemade brushes and tools provides unique process art experiences for toddlers and preschoolers. Discover new uses for household objects and craft materials with this exciting roundup of painting tools.

How to make paint tools for preschoolers with everyday items

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This roundup of homemade brushes and tools has awesome new ideas for painting with kids. The simple suggestions will help you provide interesting and creative painting experiences.

Whether you have a paint easel set up in your early learning classroom, or engage in arts and crafts sessions at home at the kitchen table, these ideas for homemade painting tools will add unique opportunities to exercise creative skills. 

Homemade brushes and painting tools

Kids will love making paintbrushes with leaves and twigs, or using wood blocks as stamps.

At home or at school, these innovative ideas make process art a fun learning experience.

1. From the craft box


Art projects with homemade paint tools


A  Cotton ball rainbow painter is easy to make with a plastic clip. / Mama Papa Bubba

Make Pipe cleaner flower stamps with an everyday craft item. / Fantastic Fun and Learning

Paint with Pompoms using a clothespin as a holder. / Fantastic Fun and Learning

Explore creative art with Yarn stamps / Fantastic Fun and Learning


2. From nature


Use items from nature as paint brushes


Use natural materials in activities like this Painting with flowers process art activity. / The Art Kit Blog

How many options can you find for making Nature paint brushes / Messy Little Monster


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 3. From the recycle bin


Recyclables used as paint tools for preschoolers


Recycle Roll-on deodorant bottles for interesting art experiences. / Adventure in a Box

Use clean Plastic packaging in different shapes for a painting activity. / Preschool Toolkit

Cut out pieces of cardboard to make Cardboard spreaders for fine motor play. / Preschool Toolkit

Save wood scraps to make Wood block stamps for painting with preschoolers. / Preschool Toolkit


4. From the kitchen


Kitchen utensils used as paint brushes


Dip Pot scrubbers in craft paint for fun sensory art play. / My Bored Toddler

Borrow a Small spatula from the pretend play dishes to swirl in paint. / My Bored Toddler

Provide a process art activity with Ice cubes / Preschool Toolkit

Use the tops of red and yellow peppers to make Veggie stamps.  / Preschool Toolkit 


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