19 Homemade Paints for Preschool Painting Activities

Homemade paints are easy to make and provide new opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers to explore and create.  This roundup gives you easy recipes, with options for using your new paints in awesome painting activities.

19 homemade paints for fun and easy preschool painting activities

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Its easy to engage kids creative skills in interesting ways with homemade paints.

Browse this exciting roundup to find unexpected ways to introduce painting activities to toddlers and preschoolers.

We've included paints for indoors, paints for outdoors, and even ones you can safely taste.


Homemade paints for kids activities

The activities in this roundup are meant to give you easy options for painting with preschoolers. The activities can be set up with no extra expense, and no trips to the store.

Ingredients can be found in your craft supplies (chalk, for example), or in the kitchen (flour, for example).

Part of the fun is making the paints together - mixing ingredients and experimenting with textures and consistencies. 


Note: Even if you have plenty of paint on hand, these painting activities are fun to do with kids any time!


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Homemade paints

1. Paints for indoors

 homemade paints for indoor painting activities


Add the sense of smell to the art experience with Scented paint / Fantastic Fun and Learning

Shaving cream paint inspires awesome process art. / Happiness is Homemade

Try something different with Microwave puffy paint  / Happiness is Homemade

This skin friendly Body paint is fun for your little artist. / Pink Stripey Socks

Enjoy hands-on with this Finger paint / A Little Crunchy

Get totally involved in art with Bath paint / Messy Little Monster


2. Paints for outdoors

 outdoor painting activities with homemade paints


Explore different colors of Watercolor paint / Kori at Home

Add bubble wands to an outdoor art activity so kids can Paint with bubbles / Chic 'n Savvy

Make Sidewalk chalk paint to use up chalk ends. / Happiness is Homemade

Combine science and art with Fizzy flour paint / Simple Fun for Kids

Recycled chalk paint is a fun option for outdoor art. / Rhythms of Play

Paint and play with Sidewalk chalk paint / jDaniel 4's Mom


3. Taste-safe paints

 Homemade taste safe paints for kids activities


Little ones can taste this Toddler approved edible paint / The Natural Homeschool 

Use an item from the kitchen for this Toddler art with flour paint activity. / Simple Fun For Kids

Get hands and fingers into the painting activity with this Taste safe finger paint / Rainy Day Mum

Make colorful Peeps Puffy Paint for a tasty painting activity. / Messy Little Monster

Provide a breakfast painting theme with a Painted Firework Toast activity. / Messy Little Monster

A kitchen ingredient is used to make Corn syrup paint / Pink Stripey Socks

Have fun Finger painting with blackberries in this unique process art activity. / Kori at Home


Painting activities are fun - and easy! - with homemade paints. 

Use homemade paints to add something different to your preschool paint activities.  


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