Wood Blocks Paint Stamps Art Activity

A process art activity is easy to set up with wood blocks. In this activity, kids paint wood blocks to use as stamps, transferring shapes onto paper to make beautiful designs.

Painting with wood blocks

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One of my favorite toys for imaginative play is wooden blocks. We have a set of homemade building blocks that never fail to spark creative play. We decided to paint some of the plain blocks to add interest to our collection.

A large piece of cardboard on the table served as a drop cloth, but also a canvas. We noticed how the blocks made colorful designs on the cardboard as we turned them over to paint all sides. This was all the inspiration needed to use the blocks as paint stamps in an art activity.

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Art activity with wood blocks

Wood pieces left over from a building project are perfect for this painting activity.

  • Choose (or cut) small blocks of wood that kids can easily grasp.
  • Sand any rough edges smooth.

If you don't have wood scraps, grab a few blocks from the toy box, or purchase wooden blocks online.


Supplies for a painting activity with wood blocks

You can see the rainbow-shaped grain in the wood in the photo above. This is what will show up in the paintings.

You'll also need:

  • paint pots or trays


Paint wood blocks art activity for preschoolers


Paint the surface of the wood that will be used as the stamp.

Press the wood firmly on the paper without sliding (although swishing the wood over the paper will make a beautiful painting of its own!)

Alternately, you can pour paint into trays and dip the wood pieces into the paint. Both options engage fine motor skills and the results are fun to observe.


Wood stamps for a kids painting activity


Use a variety of block sizes and shapes, as well as different paint colors.

Take advantage of the opportunity to mix colors to promote creativity as well as learning. Kids will be excited to see orange appear when the red and yellow overlap!

Hang the finished artwork for everyone to admire. And don't forget to add the painted wood blocks to the block corner when the paint dries.

Painting activities provide exciting opportunities for kids to imagine and create, especially when the process is open-ended. This activity has lots of benefits for early learners. Included along with the creative process are sensory and fine motor experiences.



 Use blocks of wood as paint stamps


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