How to Make a Simple Snowball Ornament Kids Craft

This easy snowball craft is fun for toddlers as well as older kids. Projects that can be adapted for a variety of ages allow everyone to have fun creating together. Hang your snowballs on the Christmas tree or decorate a banner or poster for the classroom.

Snowball ornament craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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Winter for some people (like us!) means cold temperatures and lots of snow. While it's hard to shovel, and requires us to dress in layers of warm clothing, snow also means sledding, snowmen, snow fort and snowballs!

But what if you have a winter season with little or no snow? 


There are lots of ways to have fun with snow and snowballs when they're just pretend! 

Try snowball painting with cotton balls from All Done Monkey

Make snowball sculptures with foam balls at Stir the Wonder.

We made a snowball with fluffy cotton for a fun sensory activity, and snowflake bookmarks that make a great gift for Grandma this Christmas!


(If you want an activity with real snow, try our snowman gauge that measures snowfall on a snow day, or bring some snow indoors to make snowball faces as featured on Fantastic Fun and Learning.)


Snowball ornament supplies - Preschool Toolkit

Get ready to imagine some snow to decorate the Christmas tree with this simple craft. It only needs a few materials and can be fun for the kids at home or at school.

  • glitter felt craft sheet
  • thick chenille stem
  • hole punch


Snowball ornament craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit


1. Cut a 3 in.(8 cm) circle from the glitter sheet.

2. Make an even number of holes around the circle. 

3. Lace the chenille stem through the holes.

You can do the hole punching for younger children, and start with just 6 holes.

Older children can use the hole punch, and make more holes for lacing. Remind kids to count the holes as they go to make sure they end up with an even number!

The lacing doesn't have to be neat - the more bunched up the chenille stem is, the thicker and fluffier the snowball will become!


Snowball ornament craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit


4. Link the ends of the chenille stem together for a hanger, or add a colorful ribbon.


More options:

1. Icy snowball

Make an icy snowball by lacing with a silvery chenille stem.

Spread glue onto the snowball and sprinkle glitter over the glue!


Snowball ornament craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit



2. Fluffy snowball

If you cut a pompom in two, it makes a nice flat edge that you can glue onto the glitter sheet.

Pompoms or cotton rounds or cotton balls would also work.


Snowball ornament craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit


 Your snowball is ready to hang on the Christmas tree at home or at school.

And the best part is - this snowball will never melt!



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