Snowflake Bookmark Kid-Made Gift

Kids can make a bookmark with a snowflake design in this simple holiday craft.  Each bookmark is unique with its own pretty design. Friends and family will love receiving this special kid-made gift!

Snowflake bookmark kids craft Christmas gift

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Gifts made by kids are among our most treasured. We know how much love and care go into the gifts kids create for family and friends.

Kids often make cards and gifts at home or at school to celebrate special holidays or events. When you see a child, or a group of children, earnestly cutting out colored paper, spreading gobs of glue, and sprinkling generous amounts of glitter, you can be sure there is something special being made.

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Snowflake Bookmark

Sparkly snowflake stickers and glitter foam sheets provide the 'snowy' effect for these pretty bookmarks. Kids can create patterns and designs to create unique bookmarks.

This simple activity supports kids creative and fine motor skills as they make beautiful bookmarks for family and friends.


Kid-made bookmark craft





Kids can make a bookmark for Christmas gift


1. Trace around a bookmark you already have on hand, or measure a rectangle approximately 2 x 6 inches.

2. Cut out the bookmark. 

3. Make a hole at the top of the bookmark with a hole punch.

4. Loop a piece of narrow ribbon through the hole and secure as shown in the right photo.

Adding a ribbon or tassel is optional. The bookmarks look pretty with or without the trim.


Christmas bookmark kids craft


5. Add snowflake stickers.



Snowflake bookmark kids craft


Bookmark kids craft with snowflake design


Share these kid-made gifts with family and friends for a special Christmas treat!


Kid-made Christmas gift snowflake bookmark



This activity is part of a Kid-made Gift Series hosted by Teach Me Mommy

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