Snowball Ornament Sensory Craft for Preschoolers

This snowball ornament is an easy Christmas decoration for preschoolers to make. The cotton ball snowball craft is a fun sensory and fine motor activity.  Kids will love hanging this soft fluffy ornament on the Christmas tree.

Snowball ornament sensory and fine motor kids craft

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This simple snowball activity is simply fun! Toddlers and preschoolers will love how these snowballs feel - sort and squishy - and how pretty they look on the Christmas tree.

The soft materials and threading tools used in this activity support sensory and fine motor experiences for young learners.

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Snowball ornament craft

A snowball ornament is easy for kids to make with cotton balls and a plastic sewing needle.  

This activity is simple to set up for one or two kids at a time, or for a small group in a play date or kindergarten classroom.

Supplies for snowball ornament


Supplies for a snowball ornament craft


  • cotton balls
  • yarn
  • narrow ribbon
  • plastic sewing needle or beading needle



Lace cotton balls onto a length or yarn

1. Thread cotton balls onto a length of yarn. Don't worry if the needle doesn't push through neatly - the fluffier the better when making a snowball ornament.

Tie the lacing yarn to form a hanger for the snowball ornament

2. Draw the cotton balls together snugly into a circle. Tie the ends of the lacing yarn to make a hanger.


Scrunch the cotton ball ornament in your hands to shape the snowball

4. Now comes the fun part! Squish the cotton balls in your palm to shape the snowball just the way you want it.

Snowball Christmas ornament preschool craft

5. Add a decorative bow with narrow ribbon.


Decorate the Christmas tree with this soft and fluffy snowball ornament.

Making a snowball ornament combines fine motor and sensory play for preschoolers as they lace up cotton balls, tie ribbons, and squish the snowball ornament in their hands!

 Snowball craft with sensory fun for kids - Preschool Toolkit


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