How to Make a Tassel Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

We love angel crafts, and have created everything from a tissue paper angel ornament, to a choir of angels decoration made with funnels! This little tassel angel might just be our new favorite. This adorable angel will shimmer and shine on your tree this Christmas.

Tassel angel Christmas tree decoration - Preschool Toolkit

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Recently I made a table runner for a family member, complete with a tassel on each end. I bought a few different tassels to try on the runner in order to achieve just the right look.

The tassels I had left over gave me the inspiration for this craft!

In the introduction, I said there were only two materials, along with some glue.

I'll mention the glue first. We used a glue gun. There are lots of low temperature options available if the kids are helping, but even these should be used with supervision.

The two materials I mentioned are: narrow ribbon, silver or gold, and a tassel!

We used a cream colored tassel but colorful tassels would be fun too. Search for tassels in craft or hardware stores, or among the curtain pulls in the drapery section of a department store or fabric store. 


Tassel angel Christmas tree decoration - Preschool Toolkit


Kids will love doing this step!

1. Wrap narrow ribbon several times around your fingers or a flat tool like this wooden stirring paddle. Our kitchen paddle measures 2.5 in.(6.5 cm) but the smallest width indicated on Amazon that I could find is 3 in. (7.5 cm). You can really use any kitchen tool you have on hand.

The size of your tassel will help determine how large you want the wings. Our tassels are just under 3.5 in. (9 cm) in length. If you wrap ribbon around your child's hand you will get a smaller size. Kids can also use a kitchen tool or wrap around an adult's fingers.

Tassel angel Christmas tree decoration - Preschool Toolkit

2. Slide the ribbon loops off your hand and onto another length of ribbon; tie this ribbon in the middle of the loops to form the angel's 'wings'. Trim the ends of the ribbon you tied around the middle, or form two additional loops with the ends and tuck them into the wings.

4. Glue the wings to the tassel. Fluff the wings if necessary to get the wing span you want. 

5. Cut a small piece of ribbon for the 'halo'. Glue the halo to the top of the tassel, just below the hanger.

Allow the front part of the circle to extend over the angel's head.

6. Optional: spread glue on the 'gown' with a glue stick. Sprinkle glitter on the glue!

Tassel angel Christmas tree decoration - Preschool Toolkit


Tassel angel Christmas ornament - Preschool Toolkit

Tassel angel Christmas ornament - Preschool Toolkit

These angels are so adorable! They will look beautiful on your Christmas tree.

And they're perfect to make as gifts for family and friends.


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