Veggie Stamps Preschool Process Art Activity

Make colorful designs or beautiful spring flowers with pepper stamps in this fun painting activity. Kids will love mixing colors and being creative in this open-ended art process. 

Veggie stamping preschool art activity

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Painting with veggies is fun any time of year, but it is especially meaningful to add to a spring theme or to a harvest unit with preschoolers.

In our veggie stamping activity we use red, green and yellow peppers.

The stems of these peppers make great handles to easily stamp designs onto paper. 


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Veggie stamps activity

Choose peppers with long stems that will make the best handles.

Provide a variety of colors and shapes to add interest to the designs and patterns kids create.

Peppers with stems for a painting activity



Painting with pepper stems


Slice a top portion off each pepper. Remove the seeds. (Save the seeds for other activities!)

There are two ways to make pepper stamps as shown in the image above:

  • Red pepper: Leave the stem and pepper top intact to use as a large round stamp.
  • Yellow pepper: Remove the stem completely from the pepper top to make a smaller stamp.


How to make flowers with pepper stamps

Painting activity for kids


1. Cut notches in the red pepper to make the shapes of flower petals.

2. Dip the red pepper in red paint and stamp the flower petals onto the paper.

3. Dip the smaller pepper in yellow paint to make the pollen in the center of the flower.

4. Dip the yellow pepper in green paint and make a long swipe to create the stem of the flower.


Veggie stamp painting activity for preschoolers 

Learning through play
  • Dip the smaller pepper in different colors, then stamp on the paper to show the mixed colors.
  • Observe the different sizes, shapes and colors of the stamps.
  • Create unique designs with the pepper tops and talk about colors and shapes in the pictures.


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