Pine Cone Stamps Painting Activity for Preschoolers

Painting with pine cones is a fun creative art activity for preschoolers. Use pine cones as paint brushes and paint stamps to add sensory play to your next process art experience.

process art with pine cone paint stamps

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Painting with prickly pine cones? Why not!

Just one simple step gets the pine cones ready for a fun art activity. The paint stamps are easy to make with regular sized pine cones.

We often associate pine cones with the Christmas season, but they can be used in kids play in many different ways.

You can provide an interesting painting activity by making this DIY painting tool.

The variety of textures and colors of the materials promotes fine motor and sensory play as kids create beautiful pictures.

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Painting with pine cones

Instructions for making pine cone stamps


Use scissors or craft knife to separate pine cone tops


1. Separate the top portion of the pine cone with a craft knife or scissors. 

Pine cones are tough, so this takes a bit of pressure and wiggling to get through. If the pine cones are dry, some of the leaves will break off or crumble.

Leave 3 or 4 rows of leaves on the top portion. This becomes your new painting tool.

 pour different paint colors into jar lids for a painting activity with preschoolers


2. Pour paints into jar lids or foam trays.

We were able to use jar lids of the same color as the paints for a little color matching!

 Preschool painting with pine cone tops


3. Apply paint to paper with the pine cone stamp.

Grip the pine cone top with your fingers, or grab the stem (if there is one) to use as a handle.

Paint can be applied to the paper in different ways. 


Make designs and patterns.

Pine cone painting tools provide a fun painting experience for kids




Paint lights and star on Christmas tree


Make a Christmas tree.

  • Stamp graduated rows with a pine cone top.

  • Apply lights and a star with a tip of one of the leaves of a pine cone. 

  • Glue a single leaf from a pine cone to the base of the tree to make a trunk.


Christmas tree painted with pine cone painting tool


Christmas on Pinterest


preschool paint stamps made with pine cone tops


Provide this unique painting experience for preschoolers. They'll love getting creative with a pine cone painting tool. 

The colors and patterns or the finished artwork will be fun to display at home or in the classroom!


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