Pine Cone Ornament Craft for Kids

A pine cone ornament is a fun nature craft to do with the kids at Christmas time. Decorate a pine cone with ribbon and sparkle to highlight the festive season. 

kids pine cone ornament Christmas craft

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - nature-ally!

A touch of nature is easy to add to your Christmas decor with pine cones, and the results are beautiful.

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Decorating with pine cones is a walk in the park, literally.

Gather some pine cones on a nature walk. This provides fresh air and exercise while exploring natural surroundings.

  • If you do not have pine cones available in nature, look for them in craft stores or purchase pine cones online.

Pine cones are a wonderful natural material to use for arts and crafts activities: they're easy to paint; they're pretty much unbreakable; their rough texture adds a unique sensory experience to any activity.


Pine cone ornament

This ornament is made with glitter and glue.  Biodegradable glitter is now recommended as a more eco-friendly option.

Paper confetti is another alternative to glitter. Paper confetti is easy to make with a hole punch. Using a hole punch is a great fine motor activity for kids. 

Working with glitter and glue can be a little messy. Be sure to wear smocks or paint shirts and use drop cloths.

Supplies for a pine cone craft

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Kids can decorate a pine cone ornament


Instructions for pine cone ornament

Kids Christmas craft with pine cone and ribbon

Wrap ribbon around the pine cone. The ribbon has a natural curl as it comes off the spool which is helpful when children are winding it around the pine cone.

Leave enough ribbon at the end to make a hanger.

Pine cone craft for kids

Pull some bits of fluff from a cotton ball.

Push them into the crevices of the pine cone. This is a great fine motor activity.

Make a pine cone decoration preschool craft

Squeeze dabs of glue onto the pine cone.

Sprinkle glitter onto the glue.

  • Place some flakes in a small dish or jar lid. Pinch glitter between the fingertips then drop onto the glue on the pine cone. This is another fine motor exercise.

Create a pine cone ornament for Christmas

Hang decorated pine cones on a Christmas tree or wreath.

Decorate pine cones with glitter and bows

Add a bow to a pine cone decoration.

Easy to make pine cone ornament kids craft

A pine cone wrapped with gold ribbon looks awesome trimmed with a homemade burlap bow.

Kids can make a pine cone Christmas ornament craft

Place a decorated pine cone on a wreath or planter arrangement.


Add nature to your Christmas decor with this simple pine cone ornament.

That walk in the park added a fun touch of nature to your Christmas decorations!


Christmas ornament kids craft with pine cones


More pine cone art activities:
  • Paint pine cones with a paintbrush. Shake glitter or confetti over the wet paint. Allow to dry.

  • Roll pine cones in a tray of paint and then roll them across a large sheet of paper.


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