Preschool Pretend Play Ideas with Cardboard Boxes

Preschool play spaces are easy to make with recycled cardboard boxes. These large cardboard props immediately become hands-on prompts for pretend play. Support kids creative, fine motor and language skills with kid-size props you can easily make.

Cardboard box pretend play for preschoolers

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Cardboard boxes provide awesome opportunities for imaginative play. When the boxes are kid-size, you can create houses, shops, theaters and boats. Set up fun play spaces with just a few basic craft supplies and lots of imagination.

Play spaces you build with cardboard boxes support early development skills:

  • cognitive and engineering skills as kids help design and create the space
  • fine motor skills as kids paint, cut and tape to decorate the space
  • gross motor skills as kids climb in and around and out of the props.

Take pretend play to a whole new level with these exciting options you can make for your early learners.


Kid size cardboard box play centers for pretend play


Cars and Boats and Space Ships

 Collage of cardboard box vehicles for preschool pretend play


Noah's Ark / The Craft Train

Roadster / Preschool Toolkit

Race Car Costume / Spaceships and Laser Beams

Rowboat / Hello Wonderful

Fairy Car / The Craft Train

Box Derby Monster / Teach Me Mommy

Pirate Ship / Red Ted Art

NASA Space Ship / Sandbox Academy

Jet Packs / Fireflies and Mudpies


Around the House


Collage of cardboard houses and props for pretend play


Cardboard Kitchen / Artsy Momma

Castle Reading Nook / Growing Book by Book

Gingerbread House / The Educators Spin On It

Magic Show / Sunny Day Family

Playhouse / Preschool Toolkit

DIY Cardboard House / Artsy Craftsy Mom

Tent / Pink Stripey Socks

House with Pretend Fire / Teach Me Mommy

Bird Nest / Mother Natured

Laundry Day / The Resourceful Mama

Knight's Shield / Red Ted Art

Theater with Printable / Adventure in a Box

Cardboard Box Theater / Preschool Toolkit

Theater for Marionettes / Preschool Toolkit

Backdrops and Puppets / Kiddy Charts




Post Office Pretend Play

post office pretend play for kids


Pretend Play on Pinterest



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