Recycled Mesh Pouches Kids Activities

Recycle mesh produce bags with these simple ideas. You can easily reuse this common household item for kids activities and more.
preschool crafts with recycled mesh fabric

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Parents and teachers, get ready to add one more recyclable to your lists of things to repurpose.

I'm talking about those mesh produce bags that package onions and other grocery items.

They're great for kids activities and for a household cleaning item.

  • They're easy to clean and store making them useful for doing an everyday household chore.

  • The bags are sturdy and colorful and have unique texture, making them great for kids activities.

The mesh provides interesting arts and crafts experiences for your preschoolers. 

The activities are easy to set up with mesh fabric and basic craft supplies. The strength and durability of the fabric is part of its charm for kids activities.

Mesh bags have renewed life in several different ways with these fun suggestions.


Easy ways to recycle mesh bags


Kids Activities

Touch and Feel Book

sensory touch and feel book

Foam Fish Craft

foam and mesh fish craft

 Christmas Ornament Craft

Kids Christmas ornament craft with foam ball

Paint Dabbers

homemade dabbers with recycled mesh

   Mesh Art

kids painting with mesh produce bag

Leaf Mesh Painting

 paint with homemade mesh paint tools


Around the house! 

Mesh Dish Scrubber

 homemade dish scrubber recycled materials


More ways to play!

Place mesh produce bags, along with other grocery bags, in the role-play area in your early learning classroom. Kids can have fun with this activity at home as well.

  • Set up a grocery store or farmer's market with a produce stand, cash register, price tags.
  • Kids can fill the mesh bags with real or pretend foods.
  • Include a scale to weigh the veggies.
  • Make SALE signs and paper money to pay for purchases and make change for customers.

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 kids crafts using recycled mesh produce bag


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post office cardboard box kids play



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