Preschool Fish Craft Using Recycled Chair Foam

Kids can make this foam fish for pretend play while exploring scales and fins to discover how they help fish swim. Add this activity to your ocean theme or save it for a rainy day!

 Fish Craft with Scales and Fins - Preschool Toolkit

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This activity uses recycled materials in a fun craft that kids will love.

The different textures, sizes and colors of the materials provide sensory and fine motor experiences as kids make their cute fish.

Kids will have fun making the spongy fish, and adding them to their 'ocean' pretend play!

Fish Craft with Scales and Fins - Preschool Toolkit

 Supplies for fish craft
  • 1 inch (2.5cm) chair foam
  • a mesh onion bag
  • chenille stems
  • craft eyes
  • glue

Fish Craft with Scales and Fins - Preschool Toolkit

Instructions for fish craft

1. Cut out a fish shape from the foam.The fish should be shorter than the length of the mesh bag in order for one end of the bag to become the fish tail.

2. Insert the fish into the mesh bag. If there is a metal tip on the mesh bag you can use it as the 'nose'. Wrap the mesh snugly around the foam and secure at both ends with a twist of the chenille stem. The chenille stem becomes a handle for holding the fish like a puppet so you can help him swim!

3. Glue craft eyes to the front of the fish.

4. Cut out a fin from a small piece of mesh and glue to the body.

Fish craft with scales and fins

Back view.

Use this fun fish craft in your ocean theme; add it to your study of animal habitats; or make it a rainy day activity! 


Grab some more ideas from our Crafts board on Pinterest.


Learning through play

1. Discuss the different parts of a fish. Why do fish have fins? How do fish breath?

2. "Swim" around the classroom for gross motor movement.

3. Read One Fish Two Fish.



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