DIY Train Station for Pretend Play

You can easily transform a cardboard box into a train station for pretend play. Passengers will soon be gathering at the station to board the Playtime Express. All aboard for some fun pretend play!

DIY Train Station for Kids - Preschool Toolkit

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 Supplies for train station craft - Preschool Toolkit

Supplies needed for the train station:
  • cardboard shoe box with attached lid
  • straws
  • construction paper

Lay the box on its side so the lid becomes the awning and flaps become the doors. Choose the colors of construction paper and straws you want for your station.

Train station craft - Preschool Toolkit
Instructions for the train station:

1. Make a sign and a clock.

Cut the clock from craft foam for texture. Add numbers with fine point marker. Use self-adhesive letters for the sign.

Attach the letters and clock to a rectangular piece of cardstock.

Bend the long side of the cardstock and glue it onto the roof so the sign stands upright.

 Train station craft - Preschool Toolkit

3. Make an awning.

Trim the lid to make it slightly smaller for an awning. Make holes in the box and the lid to insert the straws as shown to support the awning. I used an awl for this part.

DIY Train Station for Kids - Preschool Toolkit

4. Complete the scene.

Cut flags from paper or felt to attach to the extra length of straw sticking up above the awning - just to be festive!

Add a bench or trees, and small figures for passengers waiting at the station.

Extend the fun with a train track and train cars or a locomotive.

Now you are ready to play!

Hurry and get your tickets! The Playtime Express is arriving soon!


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