How to Make Train Track for Pretend Play

This train track is easy to make for indoor pretend play. Kids can help design and build the track using household materials. Add play pieces such as a train station and passengers to inspire imaginative play.

DIY train tracks for pretend play

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There is something magical about train play. 

The magic is in the conductor's call - All aboard!

It's in the sounds of wheels clanging on the steel tracks. 

Kids can create the magic of trains with their own pretend play.


Train play sparks a spirit of adventure, and prompts creative play.

You can easily extend imaginative play by adding this simple homemade train track to the fun.


Train track

Kids love moving a locomotive along the track and making the choo - choo, chug - chug sounds.

This train track is simply made with a large piece of cardboard and a roll of electrical tape. 


Cardboard - large flat sheet

We built our track on a piece of cardboard 26 x 59 inches (66 x 150 cm). You can use any size of cardboard you have on hand, or tape two or more pieces together. 

Tape - electric tape, masking tape, other

We used black electrical tape to make the track but it would be fun and creative to use colored masking tape or washi tape!

The dimensions provided in the instructions below are based on the size of our locomotive craft.



Train tracks craft


1. Cut strips of black electrical tape 4-inch (10 cm) to make 'railway ties'.

2. Place the strips of tape on the cardboard approximately 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) apart.

2. Place long pieces of tape onto the 'ties' for the 'steel rails'.

  • Make small cuts in the tape on the corners. Overlap the ends and smooth out the tape.


 Easy to make train track for pretend play


How to Play


Cardboard and tape train tracks craft


There is so much opportunity for imaginative play with train play: train cars are being loaded with cargo; passengers are waiting to board; a locomotive is chug-chugging into the station.

Add your toy trains and other props to the play mat.

For added fun and learning create your own toys.

 Add homemade props to small world train play for toddlers and preschoolers


  • Create play areas inside the track with pieces of felt or construction paper: green grass, blue pond, parking lot
  • Add paper trees and craft stick fences.

  • Add animals and small toys.

Kids are drawn to train play for all the fun opportunities it provides to pretend.

Extend the magic of trains with your own creative ideas to add to the train track. 


Locomotive kids craft



Train engine and train cars craft



Shoe box train station



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