Alphabet Discovery Bottle Kids Can Easily Make

We don't make a habit of using bottled water, but when we do, the empty bottles get recycled into crafts and other projects. In this activity, kids can explore the alphabet with a discovery bottle that's easy to make and fun to use over and over again. 

water bottle alphabet activity

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Kids get excited when they start to recognize letters of the alphabet, especially the letters in their names. You can help kids spot familiar letters in your day to day activities. Look for letters on the cereal box, a road sign, or a favorite book cover. Play games and sing songs with an ABC theme.

There are lots of learning opportunities in this quiet time activity that provides sensory, cognitive and fine motor play.


You need a clean, dry plastic water bottle and foam letters that will fit easily into the mouth of the bottle.

water bottle alphabet activity


1. Place all the letters on a table and arrange them in alphabetical order.

2. Drop all the letters into the bottle.

3. Twist the top snugly and lay the bottle on its side. Peek into the bottle to identify letters!

Learning through play

  • Give the bottle a shake to mix up the letters.
  • Listen to the sound of the letters as they tumble around.
  • Hold the bottle on its side and roll gently to see new letters appear.

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