Discovery Bottles Kids Can Make to Explore Sounds

Explore sounds with discovery bottles you can easily create for your early learners. This activity is easy to set up with recycled water bottles and small parts. Kids can help make the discovery bottles to extend the learning through play.

preschool exploring sounds science and sensory activity

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Let's shake things up with this simple activity that all about sound! Kids can learn about the sense of hearing with a discovery bottle.

Discovery bottles, like this one exploring sounds, provide awesome fine motor and sensory play for toddlers and preschoolers. This activity supports early developmental skills while kids have fun with noise makers. And you'll be rescuing a few water bottles from the landfill!

Exploring sounds preschool activity

sensory activity with recycled water bottle

You will need recycled water bottles and a variety of small parts.

Add small parts to each bottle, an inch or two (5 cm) should be enough.

You'll want room in the bottle for the material to bounce around inside when you shake the bottle.


recycled water bottle filled with small parts for a sense of hearing activity


How to play


Shake the bottle upright in your hand to hear sounds.

Roll the bottle on its side to hear and see the contents.

Shake it up close and shake it far away.


Compare fillers.

  • Which one is loudest? Which one softest?
  • Which one is easiest to get into the bottle?
  • Which one is heaviest?
  • Which one takes up the most room in the bottle?

How many ways can you use the shaker?

Explore sounds with this discovery bottle kids can make themselves. Shake it. Listen. Shake it some more just for fun!


kids can explore sound with a discovery bottle shaker


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