How to Make Letters of the Alphabet with Small Twigs

Outdoor activities provide opportunities for kids to explore and learn in natural surroundings. In this activity, kids choose and arrange small branches and twigs to form letters of the alphabet.

ABC's Made with Twigs - Preschool Toolkit

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Exercise, fresh air and hands-on discovery are natural benefits of making the backyard, nature trail or local park your classroom.

Some public areas may not allow removal of materials but kids can still benefit from exploring the natural surroundings. Start a conversation about the importance of conservation, or how mulch is formed on the forest floor, as you enjoy a nature walk!


Letters of the alphabet kids can make with small twigs - Preschool Toolkit

We have trees and bushes on our property where we gather pine cones and tree branches for crafts and activities.  For the alphabet, we collected branches lying on the ground from a variety of trees, including maple, poplar and elm.

We were able to break some twigs with our hands to get them the length we wanted.

We cut other branches and twigs to length with pruning shears, a job for a grownup!

Forming letters with twigs - Preschool Toolkit

 This photo provides examples of how we put the letters together.

A:  3 small twigs

D:  1 small twig on the side, 1 twig bent in the middle

C:  1 small twig broken in two places to allow it to curve

L:  1 small twig with a natural curve

We were able to gently snap a lot of the twigs to allow them to bend without breaking them apart completely


Letters of the alphabet made with small twigs - Preschool Toolkit

O: 4 small twigs arranged in a circle

S:  1 twig gently bent without breaking!

V and Y:  natural joint (fork) of a branch

X:  1 twig placed over another


More options for learning through play:

* Use branches to make one or two large letters instead of the whole alphabet.

* Line up alphabet letters across a backyard deck or trail. Measure the length of the alphabet as well as individual letters.

Making an alphabet is a great way for kids to engage fine motor, sensory and language skills while having fun with outdoor play.


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