Cutest Bunny Fridge Magnet Spring Craft for Kids

A cute little bunny is the inspiration for this seasonal fridge magnet craft. Kids can make this felt bunny to display on the refrigerator door during spring time or all year long.

Felt bunny fridge magnet craft

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As spring approaches, kids can have fun with crafts and activities that celebrate the season.

This includes baby animals such as chicks, lambs, and, of course, bunnies! 

Kids will love making a fridge magnet bunny to welcome the spring season or to celebrate Easter time.

Bunny fridge magnet

This little bunny magnet is a cute decoration but also very useful. It can hold your grocery note, a kids drawing, or a special invitation.


Supplies for bunny fridge magnet


Supplies for bunny magnet


  • white and black felt
  • pink marker
  • magnet
  • glue
Instructions for bunny fridge magnet

Bunny fridge magnets craft for kids


1. Cut  a bunny's head from white felt.

2. Cut eyes from black felt or use craft eyes.

3. Color the nose and inside the ears with pink marker, or use pieces of pink felt.


Bunny fridge magnet Easter craft


4. Glue a small magnet to the back of the bunny. Place the bunny under a weight such as a heavy book for an hour or so to secure the magnet. 


Felt bunny craft for kids


This friendly bunny can hold your grocery note or your child's latest drawing on the refrigerator door!

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