Easter Basket Recycled Berry Box Craft

This is a simple and inexpensive Easter basket for kids to make. Start with a berry box and finish with a beautiful basket to hold your colorful Easter eggs.

Berry box Easter basket preschool craft

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Berry boxes are easy to up-cycle for Easter baskets. The only supplies you need are a berry box and some ribbon. Decorations can be added personalize the baskets.

Kids can be creative with their baskets using basic arts and crafts materials you have at home or school. We used ribbon and lace but there are lots of options for decorating a berry box. 


Note: This post has been updated from its original publication. The images and instructions have been improved to make this tutorial a better experience.


 Easter berry box baseket weaving ribbon


Instructions for berry box basket

1. Lace ribbon through the slits in the side of the berry box.

2. Double back with one end of the ribbon as shown in the photo, to weave the ribbon through a second time. This will make sure each side of the box is displays some of the ribbon.

We are using a wide ribbon which will cover more of the surface of the box sides, but you can use any ribbon you have on hand - printed or plain, wide or narrow.



Berry box upcycled for an Easter basket preschool craft 2


3. Tie a bow at the front of the basket.

4. Glue a piece of lace trim around the top edge of the basket.


These are just guidelines. Every basket will be unique! Kids can weave ribbon through the holes in the sides of the berry boxes according to their individual skills and imaginations. Decorations can be chosen from the materials you provide.


There is lots of opportunity for kids to be creative!

  • The box can be painted before decorating.
  • Use glitter, markers or stickers to decorate the basket.
  • Kids can add their names to their baskets.


5. Make a handle with a chenille stem. Loop the ends of the chenille stem through slats on either side of the berry box; bend and twist to secure.

6. Fill the basket with homemade straw. Make straw by tearing or cutting paper into strips. This straw is made with a slightly heavier paper that was run through a paper shredder.


 Berry box Easter basket with handmade Easter eggs


Bonus activity: Use egg cartons to make Easter eggs for your Easter basket.

Be sure to leave room in the basket for a few chocolate eggs as well! 




Easter on Pinterest


Have fun with this fine motor activity.

Be creative with your baskets! How will you decorate your berry box?


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