15 Ways to Recycle Jar Lids in Kids Activities

Recycle jar lids for awesome activities with preschoolers. Jar lids of all sizes and colors are easy to reuse for hands-on learning through play. Kids from toddler to kindergarten age will love these fun activities with jar lids.

kids activities with recycled jar lids

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There's more to a jar lid than meets the eye (or the garbage bin!).

This roundup has over 15 amazing suggestions for ways to engage kids fine motor and creative skills.

  • The list includes activities to promote counting and sorting, and crafts that involve painting and gluing.

  • There are even suggestions for making gifts for family and friends.

These simple crafts and activities make it easy to plan daily activities with toddlers and preschoolers.

Choose from the wide range of options to start reusing jar lids today.

Jar lid crafts and activities

Here's why we love recycled crafts!

Recycled materials such as jar lids provide interesting opportunities for crafting with preschoolers.

Using recyclables reduces the cost of crafting, and puts packaging, and other materials destined for the garbage, to good use.

Bugs and Flowers and Father's Day Fun


Kids activities with jar lids


Make music together with a mini banjo craft found at The Craft Train.

Reward dad with a Father's Day Medal like this one from Red Ted Art.

Preserve memories with picture frames craft created by Red Ted Art.

Cute glitter bugs can be made with recycled lids. See the details at Crafts by Amanda.

Upcycle lids into flower stamps with this activity from Emma Owl.

Preserve a bit of nature with mason jar lid flowers  from 123Homeschool4me.

Use lids in a shape sort activity at Preschool Toolkit.


Sorting and Splashing and Holiday Crafting


Recycled jar lid crafts for kids


posting activity from Emma Owl is an invitation for kids to play with jar lids.

Lids can be used for a sorting activity here at Preschool Toolkit.

Use a sensory bin for some sailboats water play at My Bored Toddler.

Make a Christmas ornament with a jar lid like this one at PreKPages.

Buttons and a jar lid make a beautiful wreath craft from Happy Hooligans.

A melting snowman ornament is easy to make with white lids at Preschool Toolkit.

Mason jar lids take on a festive touch in this decorated gift jar from Mosswood Connections.


More fun with lids!

Flip Top Lids Fine Motor Play / My Bored Toddler

Laundry Detergent Caps Musical Shakers / Preschool Toolkit


15 ways to use jar lids in kids activities


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