Preschool Math Activity Sorting Jar Lids

Colorful jar lids are easy to recycle for preschool activities. Kids will love sorting and counting a variety of jar lids with these simple hands-on math activities. 

Sorting jar lids math activity

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Jar lids are a great option for kids activities. They come in lots of bright colors, they're mess-free, and they're easy to handle and store

Kids can help wash and dry lids, and store them in a large empty coffee can or other up-cycled container.

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Sorting jar lids

Activities with jar lids are easy to set up. Take advantage of the simplicity of reusing lids for crafts and games with early learners.

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Store the clean lids in a recycled container. Place the container on a shelf where it is accessible for independent playtime, or until you are ready to set up an activity.

We recycled plastic produce containers, along with the jar lids, for these sorting activities. The jar lids can be stored in these containers after the activities.

Learning through play


Sort jar lids by size in a preschool math activity



1. Sort jar lids by size. 

  • Label the inside of the top portion of each container with words and images as shown in the photo.
  • Sort jar lids by size, from smallest to biggest.
  • Count the number of jar lids in each bin.



Sort jar lids by color in preschool math activities


2. Sort jar lids by color. 

  • Glue a piece of felt to the top portion of each container indicating the color of lid to place in the container.
  • Name the colors as you place jar lids in the bins.
  • Count the number of jar lids in each bin.


Sort jar lids from smallest to largest


3. Arrange lids in rows. 

  • Sort the lids in rows by color, or from smallest to biggest


 4. Stack lids.

  • Stack lids of the same size and different sizes.
  • Count the lids in a stack.


5. Paint with lids.

  • Use jar lids as paint pots.

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Open-ended activities like these provide opportunities for kids to play and learn with little instruction.


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