DIY Musical Shakers for Kids

Colorful musical shakers are easy for kids to make with recyclables and rice. Support music activities in your daily schedule with these simple homemade instruments. Making music with kids has never been easier or more fun!


homemade shaker music instrument

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Music and movement just got a whole lot more fun with simple shakers kids can easily make!

These fun instruments are an invitation for kids to jump, twirl, and keep the beat with a shake-shake-shake.

Whether you schedule music activities in the classroom, or dance spontaneously to a favorite tune on the radio, it's beneficial to introduce music as part of your daily routine.

Music supports language (rhyming lyrics), fine motor (playing instruments) and social and cognitive skills (playing instruments and learning new songs together). 

These simple musical shakers are an awesome prompt for making music with kids!


Homemade musical shakers

Supplies for homemade shakers


Make music shakers with rice and bottle tops 


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  • liquid laundry detergent caps
  • rice
  • glue gun

This craft is made with the caps from laundry detergent bottles. The caps on different brands of liquid laundry detergent are slightly different in size and can be pushed together for a tight fit.

  • If you don't have bottle caps that fit one inside the other you can glue and/or tape the caps together.


Instructions for homemade shakers


Add rice to laundry bottle tops to make music shakers


 1. Add a handful of rice to the larger laundry bottle top. Push the smaller bottle top firmly into the larger one.

  • When pushed together, the tops are difficult to pull apart. You can make an additional seal with tape or a glue gun once the rice is added.

If you stick with a favorite brand of laundry soap, ask friends and family to save bottle tops from other brands.

Experiment with the laundry tops to see which ones fit together securely. 


Glue or tape bottle lids together to make musical shakers


While caps that fit together make it easy for kids to help with creating these instruments, you can use caps that simple rest one on top of the other.

  • The blue shaker on the right, and the second one from the left, are made by securing the caps together with duct tape.
  • You can also reinforce with a glue gun first, then add the the tape.

 Put two laundry bottle caps together to make simple instruments for kids


Combine different colors to make a variety of shakers.


Music shakers fun instruments kids can make for music activities


Decorate with tape or stickers to make the shakers festive!


Musical instruments preschool craft with recyclables


Pick up your shaker and keep the beat with a shake-shake-shake.

Make your music and movement play times a lot more fun with these homemade shakers!


Music shakers homemade instruments for kids


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