Easy Snowman Crafts for Winter Preschool Fun

Snowman activities for the win! You'll have so much fun with snowman crafts that are easy for kids to do. Grab these great snowman craft ideas for preschool and kindergarten age kids.

winter snowman crafts kids fun

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What makes a great snowman? Is it the carrot nose, the pointy stick arms, or the fun that comes with creating a snowman from just about every imaginable craft item in your toolkit?

Snowman crafts hold so many possibilities to create that kids will never get bored. 

If you have real snow where you live, it's always fun to make a snowman outdoors. But when stormy weather doesn't allow for outdoor play, it's nice to have some indoor snowman crafting options.

If you don't get much snow, or no snow at all, you can explore the possibilities of snowman-making with this wonderful roundup of crafts.

With or without snow, get creative and have fun!


Snowman Crafts for Kids

I've made it easy to find crafts you'll love.

You'll find a link to correspond with each image in the collages shown below.

But choosing which craft to start with may not be quite as easy!

preschool snowman crafts easy to make with everyday craft supplies

Links start at the top of the collage, and move clockwise around the collage.


1. Melting snowman made with jar lids. /Preschool Toolkit

2. Glue and gems colorful melting snowman craft. /Messy Little Monster

3. Wood slice snowman ornament craft. /Glitter on a Dime

4. Snowman globe paper craft for kids. /Simple Everyday Mom

5. Craft stick snowman fun craft for preschoolers. /Arty Crafty Kids

6. Popper snowman toy for kids to make. /The Craft Train

7. Snowman paper craft with accordian legs. /Craft Play Learn


preschool winter snowman crafts

8. Singing snowman coffee lid craft. /Preschool Toolkit

9. Snowman weather gauge craft for measuring snowfall. /Preschool Toolkit

10. Easy snowman wreath craft for kids to make. /Kids Craft Room

11. Paper snowman art kids craft. /Fireflies and Mudpies

12. Torn paper snowman fine motor craft.  /Where Imagination Grows

13. Styrofoam snowman craft STEM activity. /Preschool Toolkit

14. Cute clothespin snowman craft. /Taming Little Monsters

15. Snowman jar lid painting art activity. /Preschool Toolkit


Which craft will be your favorite?

The one with the pompom carrot nose or the colorful gems?

Or the one that inspires any possibility with everyday items like paper, craft sticks and clothespins?

Enjoy your winter snowman crafting!


fun and easy preschool snowman crafts



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