Help the Snowman Find Matching Mittens on the Felt Board

The felt board is a great resource for providing quiet time activities for kids. Use felt cut-outs of a snowman, hats and mittens, to play matching games on the felt board. This activity is fun for toddlers and preschoolers and can easily be added to your winter theme.

Snowman with Matching Mittens felt board activity - Preschool Toolkit

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Matching activities on the felt board are easy to prepare and provide lots of learning opportunities using cognitive, math and language skills.

This snowman activity is perfect for indoor play when winter weather doesn't allow you to build a snowman outside!

Snowman with Matching Mittens felt board activity - Preschool Toolkit

Prepare felt cut-outs by cutting the following pieces from felt sheets:

  • three white felt circles in different sizes for the snowman
  • felt features for the snowman - eyes, nose, buttons, stick arms
  • several sets of felt hats and mittens in different colors of felt


Use the photo as a guideline for cutting out the snowman, hats and mittens. Sizes and colors of felt cut-outs will vary depending on the felt pieces you have on hand.

Add some cotton balls for snow around the snowman.

Have fun helping the snowman find his matching mittens.

Do you think the snowman has a favorite color? What is your favorite color?

Learning through play

  • Place a hat on the snowman. Ask your child to find the matching mittens. Then have your child choose a hat and you take a turn finding the matching mittens!
  • Place all the hats in a small paper bag. Encourage your child to reach in, without looking, to remove a hat and place it on the snowman, then find the matching mittens on the felt board.
  • Children stand in a circle with hands behind their backs. Place a felt mitten in each child's hand. Children then look at their mittens and move around the group to find the person with the same color mitten as their own. Add the mittens to the felt board in pairs.
  • Play a mix-up game - add hats and mittens to the snowman that do not match.



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