Felt Snowman Matching Activity for Preschool

A felt snowman provides a simple match-up game on the flannel board for toddlers and preschoolers. This felt snowman activity is hands-on fun for early learners. Add a snowman matching game to your winter theme. 

preschool color matching mittens winter felt activity

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Brrrrr! The felt snowman needs a hat and mittens to stay warm this winter! Your preschooler can help find just the right accessories for the snowman to wear.

This simple felt board activity provides lots of learning through play: matching; counting; naming colors.

It's perfect for indoor play when winter weather doesn't allow you to build a snowman outside!

  • Grab one or more of the game ideas for a felt snowman at the end of the post!

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A felt board is easy to make for preschool activities. And it's a great prop for circle time or quiet independent play.

  • Kids can enjoy independent play with simple felt cutouts that promote interaction, with little or no instruction.

Add this felt snowman activity to daily play during your winter theme.


Matching mittens on the felt board

Matching and sorting with hat and mitten cutouts is a simple way to strengthen cognitive, math and language skills.

The only supplies needed for this activity are felt, scissors, and glue.

Purchase felt online (#ad) or look for it in your local craft store.


Snowman with matching mittens and hat felt board activity


Instructions for making felt cutouts 

1. Prepare the felt cutouts: snowman, hats, and mittens.

The designs do not have to be exactly the same as these. Sizes and colors of your felt cutouts will vary depending on the felt pieces you have on hand.

Include the following:

  • three white circles in different sizes for the snowman, or one large piece shaped like a snowman
  • features for the snowman - eyes, nose, buttons, arms
  • matching sets of hats and mittens in different colors

Add a scarf, boots, or other accessories if preferred.


2. Glue the facial features and buttons to the snowman.

These details can be added with permanent marker instead of felt pieces if preferred. You can also glue the stick arms to the snowman.



Felt board games with a snowman cutout

Mitten Match-Up                                                                                                                                                                     

Place a hat on the snowman. Can you find the matching mittens? Kids can take turns placing a hat on the snowman so their friends can find the matching mittens.

Feely Bag

Place all the hats in a small paper bag. Your child can reach in, without looking, to remove a hat and place it on the snowman, then find the matching mittens on the flannel board.

Small Group Mitten Match

Children stand in a circle with hands behind their backs. Place a felt mitten in each child's hand. Children then look at their mittens and move around the group to find the person with the same color mitten as their own. Children place the mittens on the felt board in matching pairs.

Mixed Up Mittens Game

Put all the mittens in one paper bag. Put the hats in another bag. Each child draws two mittens from one bag and a hat from the other bag. Dress the snowman in the resulting colors.

Whew! The snowman is not so chilly with his colorful hat and mittens in place!

Have fun helping the snowman find his matching mittens.


Visit our Snow and Snowmen Pinterest board for more fun snowman activities. 


felt board snowman winter theme matching activity for preschool



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