Easy Burlap Crafts for the Whole Family

This roundup of burlap crafts is filled with beautiful home decor projects as well as simple play ideas for kids. The whole family can enjoy these awesome craft ideas using burlap.

Crafting with burlap for kids activities and home decor

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Burlap is a fun fabric to use for crafting. It's resilient and sturdy, and has an interesting texture that provides added sensory experience for kids activities.

The fibers pulled from burlap are just as easy to use in crafts as a piece of burlap. We've used them to make a tail for a cardboard horse, and as hay in the haystack for a shoe box farm.


Burlap crafts and activities

This roundup includes ideas from Preschool Toolkit blog as well as some of our favorite bloggers who create amazing crafts for home and family. 


Kids Activities

Burlap fabric is used in kids crafts and activities for fun sensory and creative play. 

Burlap crafts for kids


Texture Blocks - Fireflies and Mudpies

Burlap Owl No-Sew - Kids Craft Room

Potato Print Bunting No-Sew - Red Ted Art

Butterfly Craft - Preschool Toolkit

Bird Nest - Preschool Toolkit

Fish Craft - Preschool Toolkit

Apple Tree Beginning Sewing Project - Rhythms of Play



Home Decor

Burlap is used in a variety of home decorating projects.


Burlap used in home decor projects


Wreath Craft - Artsy Craftsy Mom

Broomstick - Preschool Toolkit

Pine Cone and Burlap Decoration - Preschool Toolkit

Stenciled Place Mats - DIY Inspired

Burlap Bunting No-Sew - The Life of Jennifer Dawn


More fun with burlap! 

LEGO® Horses and Riders

Small world play with horses and riders



Crafts on Pinterest

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