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Our goal is provide activities that make learning fun for kids - and for grownups too!

The crafts and activities we post on the blog are easy to set up with everyday materials. You'll also find some activities that use special materials to provide unique projects for your early learners, or to support a certain skill or learning opportunity. The ideas are meant to spark a creative response in the reader - you! 

The benefits of early learning activities are in the processes and not the results. Kids learn best by hands-on interaction with materials. Some activities appear simple while others are more challenging or take longer than 5 minutes to set up and complete. Each activity incorporates learning opportunities to support childhood development. 

The blog posts, along with links to products and resources, will support early childhood curriculum as well as engagement with kids in day to day activities. 

The activities are easy to share with your early learner, with lots of images and step by step instructions as needed.

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