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Preschool Nature Crafts and Activities with Twigs

Roundup of 12 + nature crafts using twigs for preschool and kindergarten

This roundup is filled with interesting ways for kids to craft and learn with twigs and small branches.Read more about 'Preschool Nature Crafts and Activities with Twigs'...

Awesome Outdoor Play Tree Puzzle

Outdoor tree puzzle preschool activity - Preschool Toolkit

Kids love making puzzles in all shapes and sizes. And they also love outdoor play. You can easily combine the love of puzzles and outdoor play with this awesome nature...Read more about 'Awesome Outdoor Play Tree Puzzle'...

9 Ways to Have Fun With Snowballs on a Snow Day

feature image

There are lots of ways to have fun outside on a snow day, especially if the snow is the sticky snowball-making kind.Read more about '9 Ways to Have Fun With Snowballs on a Snow Day'...

How to Make Letters of the Alphabet with Small Twigs

Letters of the alphabet made with small twigs - Preschool Toolkit

Outdoor activities provide opportunities for kids to explore and learn in natural surroundings. In this activity, kids choose and arrange small branches and twigs to form letters of the alphabet.Read more about 'How to Make Letters of the Alphabet with Small Twigs'...

Green Leaf Butterfly Kids Craft

Green leaf butterfly outdoor preschool activity

I can't think of a better way to make a butterfly than with materials found in its natural habitat.Read more about 'Green Leaf Butterfly Kids Craft'...

Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy

Gardening tips for fun and easy hands on learning with preschoolers

There is something very rewarding about planting vegetables, watching them grow, and enjoying the harvest (however small!).Read more about 'Gardening with Kids - How to Make it Fun and Easy'...

Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar Science Activity for Kids

Mixing earth materials science activity for kids

Hands-on exploration of earth materials combines outdoor play with scientific discovery. This simple science activity gets you digging for clues as you collect raw materials to mix in a jar.Read more about 'Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar Science Activity for Kids'...

Exploring Forests on Nature Walks with Preschoolers

Nature walk finding treasure under the trees

Kids can explore a forest area by searching in tree branches, behind tree trunks, and under piles of leaves. Enjoy a nature walk and discover hidden treasures. Have fun exploring!Read more about 'Exploring Forests on Nature Walks with Preschoolers'...

Preschool Leaf Science Observing Autumn Leaves

Preschool science: observing autumn leaves - Preschool Toolkit

Colorful autumn leaves are easy to collect on a nature walk and are perfect for nature-themed activities about the changing seasons.Read more about 'Preschool Leaf Science Observing Autumn Leaves'...

Tracing leaves

Tracing leaves activity for kids

In this nature activity, kids can explore leaves by sorting, matching and tracing. Nature activities with trees and leaves provide a closer association with the outdoors while engaging valuable developmental skills.Read more about 'Tracing Leaves Fine Motor Preschool Activity'...


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