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Halloween Pumpkins Painting Activity

Pumpkin painted with craft stick painting tool

Fall painting activities wouldn't be complete without some pictures of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. These adorable pumpkins are painted with a homemade painting tool kids will love. Read more about 'Halloween Pumpkins Painting Activity'...

Halloween Thematic Unit for Preschool

Halloween preschool unit with activities books crafts

Are you excited to start Halloween activities in your home or preschool? We have everything you need to provide games, crafts and stories to your early learners for a fun...Read more about 'Halloween Thematic Unit for Preschool'...

Halloween Ghosts Felt Board Activity for Preschoolers

Felt board ghost math games Halloween preschool activity

These little felt ghosts are just waiting to shout BOO! from the branches of a Halloween tree on the felt board.Read more about 'Halloween Ghosts Felt Board Activity for Preschoolers'...

Halloween Ghosts Painting Activity

Sponge painted ghosts preschool Halloween activity

Kids will love creating lots of not-so-spooky ghosts in this fun Halloween painting activity. This activity is sure to become one of your favorites.Read more about 'Halloween Ghosts Painting Activity'...

3 Ways to Play Halloween Math Games with Beverage Stickers

Halloween matching game using beverage stickers - Preschool Toolkit

As Halloween approaches, kids get excited about wearing costumes, trick-or-treating, and decorating at home or at school. Holiday themed beverage stickers are an easy addition to the table decorations.Read more about '3 Ways to Play Halloween Math Games with Beverage Stickers'...

Halloween Crafts and Activities

Halloween crafts and activities - Preschool Toolkit

Welcome to our Halloween page where you will find all our Halloween crafts and activities just waiting to be part of your holiday fun!Read more about 'Halloween Crafts and Activities'...

Halloween Witch Made with Paper Shapes

Make a witch with paper shapes Halloween craft- Preschool Toolkit

Halloween crafts conjure up ghosts and bats and witches in tall black hats. Add something special to the Halloween theme with a colorful witch kids can make with paper shapes. Read more about 'Halloween Witch Made with Paper Shapes'...

Pumpkin Paintings Creative Art Activity for Kids

Halloween pumpkin picture painting activity for kids

Decorate for Halloween with this kid-made pumpkin painting that comes framed and ready to display. Kids will love choosing paint colors and adding fun features to their pumpkins.Read more about 'Pumpkin Paintings Creative Art Activity for Kids'...

Not-So-Spooky Halloween Wreath You Can Easily Make

Halloween wreath easy to make decoration for home or school

When store aisles are bursting with Halloween decorations, the choices can be daunting - or should I say haunting!  By deciding to make some of your decorations, you can save...Read more about 'Not-So-Spooky Halloween Wreath You Can Easily Make'...

How to Make a Pumpkin Puzzle with a Paper Plate

Pumpkin paper plate puzzle - Preschool Toolkit

Puzzles are lots of fun for kids, but too many pieces can be frustrating, and small pieces often go missing! In this activity, kids create puzzles with just a few...Read more about 'How to Make a Pumpkin Puzzle with a Paper Plate'...



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