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Preschool Music Program Printable

10 easy music lessons for early learners

This music program is an easy way to add music and movement to your daily activities at home or in the classroom.Read more about 'Preschool Music Program Printable'...

Easy to Make Instruments for Music and Movement

Homemade instruments for kids activities

Homemade instruments provide opportunities to enjoy music and movement with preschoolers.Read more about 'Easy to Make Instruments for Music and Movement'...

DIY Musical Shakers for Kids

Musical shakers homemade instruments for kids

Colorful musical shakers are easy for kids to make with recyclables and rice. Support music activities in your daily schedule with these simple homemade instruments.Read more about 'DIY Musical Shakers for Kids'...

Simple musical scale activity

Preschool musical scale craft and activity with mason jars

This simple activity provides a fun way to use mason jars to introduce a musical scale.Read more about 'Easy Musical Scale Preschool Activity Using Mason Jars'...

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