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Valentine Mailbag Craft for Preschool Pretend Play

preschool Valentine mailbag craft and pretend play activity

Kids can deliver their Valentine cards and letters in a handmade mailbag. A Valentine mailbag is easy to make with everyday craft materials.Read more about 'Valentine Mailbag Craft for Preschool Pretend Play'...

Winter Castle STEAM Activity for Preschoolers

winter castle preschool activity

Kids can easily make a winter castle for exciting small world adventures. This winter castle, made with everyday materials, provides a perfect opportunity for adding both STEAM and pretend play to...Read more about 'Winter Castle STEAM Activity for Preschoolers'...

Magic Mirror Preschool Pretend Play

Magic mirror painting activity and pretend play for kids

This magic mirror is easy to make and adds glamour and glitter to imaginative play. Our simple tutorial will help you and the kids make your own sparkly mirror to...Read more about 'Magic Mirror Preschool Pretend Play'...

How to Make a Simple Bridge for Toy Cars

Duct tape square image 650x651

Multipurpose materials like duct tape offer creative possibilities with everything from crafting to household repairs. We love using duct tape for both! This activity combines duct tape and craft sticks...Read more about 'How to Make a Simple Bridge for Toy Cars'...

Burlap Fish Craft for Kids

Burlap fish craft sensory and pretend play activity for kids

This fish craft is fun to make using burlap. The texture of the burlap, the flip of the fins and the twinkle in the googly craft eyes provide sensory play for kids.Read more about 'Burlap Fish Craft for Kids'...

Fun and Easy Farm You Can Make for Small World Play

Farmyard small world play

Explore life on a farm with this small world activity. Provide opportunities for kids to imagine and create in a farmyard you can make together with basic craft supplies and...Read more about 'Fun and Easy Farm You Can Make for Small World Play'...

Cardboard Animals for Small World Play

Make cardboard animals for preschool small world pretend play

Kids love using their imaginations, whether dressing up in a cape and glittering crown, or creating a shoe box barn for small world play.Read more about 'Cardboard Animals for Small World Play'...

DIY Train Station for Pretend Play

PA150005 3

You can easily transform a cardboard box into a train station for pretend play. Passengers will soon be gathering at the station to board the Playtime Express.Read more about 'DIY Train Station for Pretend Play'...

A Locomotive Kids Can Make for Pretend Play

Locomotive craft for preschoolers for pretend play

Can you hear the locomotive chugging down the track? The sights and sounds of the locomotive are part of the fun in pretend play.Read more about 'A Locomotive Kids Can Make for Pretend Play'...

How to Make Train Tracks for Pretend Play

DIY train track for kids pretend play

Kids love playing with trains and locomotives. You can easily extend imaginative play by adding train tracks to the fun.Read more about 'How to Make Train Tracks for Pretend Play'...



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