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Easy Burlap Crafts for the Whole Family

Burlap fabric used in family crafts and activities

This roundup of burlap crafts is filled with beautiful home decor projects as well as simple play ideas for kids. The whole family can enjoy these awesome craft ideas using burlap.Read more about 'Easy Burlap Crafts for the Whole Family'...

Easy Sponge Puppet for Under the Sea Preschool Theme

Fish puppet

Puppets made with sponges are a fun addition to an Under the Sea preschool theme. This little fish craft is easy for kids to make and supports fine motor and...Read more about 'Easy Sponge Puppet for Under the Sea Preschool Theme'...

Preschool Science Activities for Fun and Learning

Preschool science fun and easy with hands on activities

Science activities are easy to provide when the setups are simple and the materials are readily available. Kids will love these activities that allow them to explore, experiment, and discover hands-on.Read more about 'Preschool Science Activities for Fun and Learning'...

Preschool Nature Unit and Art Activity Using Tree Bark

Nature unit and craft exploring trees with preschoolers

Explore trees with early learners in this fun activity that combines a craft with a nature study.Read more about 'Preschool Nature Unit and Art Activity Using Tree Bark '...

Recycled Cardboard Box Playhouse for Pretend Play

Easy playhouse to make for kids imaginative play

A DIY playhouse for kids is easy to make with a large cardboard box. This recycling project is fun for the whole family and promotes awesome pretend play.Read more about 'Recycled Cardboard Box Playhouse for Pretend Play'...

20+ Bird Nest Crafts for Kids

20+ bird nest kids activities indoor and outdoor fun

This exciting roundup of bird nest crafts promotes hands-on fun and learning. Kids will love exploring bird habitats with these awesome activities for both indoor and outdoor play.Read more about '20+ Bird Nest Crafts for Kids'...

Cardboard Box Theater for Pretend Play

Homemade cardboard box theater provides awesome imaginative play for preschoolers

This homemade theater is a no-glue, no-sew project that only takes minutes to make. Enjoy family time with creative play promoted by a cardboard box theater.Read more about 'Cardboard Box Theater for Pretend Play'...

Simple Clock Activities for Learning to Tell Time

Early learning with DIY clock for telling time activities

Kids who are just learning to tell time will have fun with a recycled clock that is hands-on and interactive.Read more about 'Simple Clock Activities for Learning to Tell Time'...

Cardboard Box Small World Play

Small world play is easy for kids to create with a cardboard box

Small world play is easy to set up with a cardboard box and a few toys from the toy box.Read more about 'Cardboard Box Small World Play'...

Top Posts of 2018

Preschool Toolkit top posts for 2018

This group of posts includes the top ten that readers visited most in 2018. The crafts and activities provide a variety of options for hands-on play and discovery with early learners.Read more about 'Top Posts of 2018'...



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