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Pumpkin Harvest Preschool Math Activity

Pumpkin harvest sensory bin preschool pretend play and math activity

It's easy to engage math skills while having fun with pretend play in this fall-themed sensory bin.Read more about 'Pumpkin Harvest Preschool Math Activity'...

Preschool Lesson Plans with Themed Units for a Full Year

Preschool Unit Lesson Plans early learning product (affiliate)

This preschool resource has everything you need to plan your early learning program for a full year.Read more about 'Preschool Lesson Plans with Themed Units for a Full Year'...

Get Ready to Launch with a Kid-Made Catapult

Kids can make a catapult activity from the STEAM KIDS book

Can you combine kids, engineering and technology without blinking an eye? Yes you can! This easy-to-make launcher is just one of the activities you'll find in a new STEAM book...Read more about 'Get Ready to Launch with a Kid-Made Catapult'...

Bowling Game Fine Motor Activity with Building Blocks

Bowling with building blocks preschool activity

A bowling game is an innovative way to play with building blocks. Extend the fun with awesome activities from an exciting resource that will build excitement and promote learning through...Read more about 'Bowling Game Fine Motor Activity with Building Blocks '...


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Preschool Unit Lesson Plans for a full year









STEAM KIDS 50+ Activities for hands-on fun  

STEAM Kids ebook 50+ activities for kids









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