Wooden Ornament Craft for Kids

These unique ornaments are easy to make with scraps of wood. This simple craft is fun for kids of all ages, providing lots of opportunity for fine motor, creative work. Design wooden ornaments for the Christmas tree with this fun family activity.

Kids can make a Christmas tree ornament with scraps of wood

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Here's an easy way to add a touch of nature to your holiday decor.

(With the help of the kids of course!)

Decorations made with wood and other natural elements are easy to create and fun to display.

This activity was inspired by a recent renovation to the exterior siding of our home. We removed the outer layer of cedar shingles on the house, revealing the underlay of unfinished wood shingles.

The knots in the shingles used as underlay easily popped out. The different shapes and sizes prompted the idea of creating memorable gifts for family members. You can use any small thin wood pieces left over from a home renovation project. 

If you don't have natural materials available, you can have just as much fun doing this activity with store-bought items.  Wood slices can be purchased online, or at a craft store or department store.


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Wooden ornaments craft 

Kids can help make these simple ornaments with wood scraps. Working with natural materials draws kids attention to the environment, how things are made, and how things can be recycled or reused. 

This is a great family activity that supports kids creativity and fine motor skills. The ornaments are easy to make and should last a long time!

Instructions for wood ornaments

Christmas ornament craft with wood pieces


The knot removed from the shingle becomes the ornament. Shapes and sizes will vary, providing interesting choices to decorate.


Wood pieces holiday craft


The edges blacken with time (sap in the wood), but a light sanding removes that if preferred.

You could paint the wood pieces with a clear finish if preferred (this sometimes darken the wood). 


Burlap threads braided to make a hanger for a DIY ornament


Make a hanger for the back of the ornament with burlap threads.

  • Pull threads from a piece of burlap cut to length.
  • Hold three strands in place with tape at one end. 
  • Braid the strands together to form a strong chain-like hanger.

Other activities using threads pulled from burlap include fins for our fish craft  and a tail for a horse craft. 

You can also find burlap used as bristles in our broomstick craft.


Wood piece ornament craft


Secure the hanger to the back of the wood ornament with a glue gun or tape.


Natural ornaments kids can make with wood pieces


The ornaments look fine if left plain, but kids can paint the wood pieces or decorate them with stickers, crayons or markers.

You can also decorate the ornaments with festive details, or add accessories to resemble an animal or character.

On the left:

  • Braid a length of burlap threads together. Glue the braid around the edge of an oval-shaped ornament.

On the right:

  • The ornament on the right resembles a fish! Kids can add craft eyes, color 'fins' with crayons or markers, or make fins with feathers.


 Holiday family craft Christmas tree ornament


Decorate wood ornaments with festive trim


These ornaments are simple to make but lovely to hang on the Christmas tree. And they will last a long long time.


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