How to Help Kids Make Their Own Craft Box

With your help, kids can create a craft box of their very own. Together you can choose a sturdy container and fill your kit with a variety of arts and crafts materials. Once your craft box is complete, be prepared for the flurry of creativity!

Help kids make their own craft box - Preschool Toolkit

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A craft box is a simple but effective way to support art and creativity in your little learner. The box can be anything from a recycled tackle box to a sturdy cardboard box with a lid.

The goal is to make basic craft supplies available for child-led art activities.

Benefit of kids own craft box

When kids help choose and stock their craft box, it builds developmental skills.

  • They take pride in the care and use of the supplies.
  • They plan the types of art activities they will do.
  • They count and sort supplies and keep a tally of what's needed.


How to choose a craft box


Create a kids craft supplies box with an upcycled tackle box


A small tackle box is a great option, not too heavy, with a clasp that is easy to open and shut.

A handle makes it easy for little ones to carry their craft box to a work station. 


A sewing box or jewelry box you have on hand can often be another option.

A shoe box with a lid can also be made into a craft box. Kids can decorate the box for their first art project!


Kids can store art supplies in a small craft box


The small tackle box is just large enough to hold a few basic supplies.

It comes with two sections which help sort the materials.


Art supplies for a kids craft box


A small recycled tackle box becomes a kids own art supplies box.


Fill the top tray of the box with pencils, crayons, markers, scissors and glue.

The bottom section can hold paint and paper as well as bulkier items such as foam balls, pompoms, and felt or foam cut-outs.

You might want to provide choices of materials that are not too messy so you can allow kids freedom to initiate art activities.


DIY craft box for kids art supplies

More choices include stickers, glitter glue, feathers, chenille stems, clothespins and cotton swabs.


How to choose supplies for a kids art box


Including too many items at a time can be overwhelming, so change the contents now and then, adding and replacing materials to promote imagination and creativity.

The most important thing is to make art materials accessible.

Kids can have fun choosing materials from the dollar store or craft store to put in their craft boxes.

They'll have even more fun being creative with their choices during arts&crafts or free play time.

Have you had a burst of creativity at your house lately?

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