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Why Reading is Extra Special With Grandparents

Reading with grandparents is special

Making time for kids to read with grandparents is a special way to celebrate Grandparent's Day or any day! Discover the benefits of reading with grandparents.

Read more about 'Why Reading is Extra Special With Grandparents'...

How to Make Story Time Amazing

6 ways to make story time amazing without opening a book

Make well-loved story times even more amazing with these fun options.Read more about 'How to Make Story Time Amazing'...

Alphabet Discovery Bottle Kids Can Easily Make

Alphabet discovery bottle with foam letters preschool literacy activity

Kids can explore the alphabet with a discovery bottle. Recycle a water bottle to make this craft that's fun to use over and over again.Read more about 'Alphabet Discovery Bottle Kids Can Easily Make'...

Preschool Literacy Activities Using Foam Letters

Foam letters literacy activities for preschoolers

This literacy activity with foam letters helps preschoolers identify the letters of their names.Read more about 'Preschool Literacy Activities Using Foam Letters'...

Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy

Traditional books have value in early literacy development

Traditional books in early literacy add value to childhood development in many ways, including nurturing a love of books and reading.Read more about 'Value of Traditional Books in Early Literacy'...

Guide to Small Group Reading with Preschoolers

Guidelines for small group reading

Small group reading is a valuable part of an early learning program.Read more about 'Guide to Small Group Reading with Preschoolers'...


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