Tracing Leaves Fine Motor Preschool Activity

In this nature activity, kids explore leaves by sorting, matching and tracing. Nature activities with trees and leaves provide a closer association with the outdoors while engaging valuable developmental skills such as fine motor and sensory. 

Tracing and sorting leaves preschool nature activity

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Exploring and discovering in nature with kids is important for the development of their early learning skills. Hands-on activities like this leaf tracing and matching one are fun for kids to do outdoors.

Take a walk through your neighborhood to observe the trees and leaves. How many different kinds can you notice? Collect a few leaves in different colors, shapes or sizes for this simple tracing and matching activity.


Math activity with leaves for preschool nature study


This activity was inspired by a transparent plastic place mat we purchased recently.

The mat was decorated with a variety of green leaves. We took the mat outside and collected leaves from the trees growing nearby. We were able to match many of the leaves we collected to the leaves on the mat.

Leaf matching activity

This matching activity combines nature and math in a fun hands-on way.

Kids can learn to identify leaves by their shapes and by their names.


Matching leaves preschool math activity


Gather leaves on your nature walk.

Trace leaves onto poster board.

Match each leaf to its outline.

Laminate the leaves so they can be used over and over without drying out.

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 leaf shape matching preschool activity


This open-ended activity provides exciting learning opportunities for kids - exploring natural surroundings, counting, sorting and tracing leaves.

This is a fun activity to do with early learners at home or in the classroom. Teachers and homeschoolers can add this activity to a nature study or science center.


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