Counting and Sorting - DIY Indoor Bowling Game

Be prepared for days when the weather does not allow outdoor play. Make this bowling game ahead with a few simple materials and be ready for some fun indoor game time.

Bowling game - Preschool Toolkit

This is an easy game to make and practically mess-free to play.

Using numbered pins promotes the use of math skills as kids set up and knock down the pins.

Materials can be stored in a cardboard box or plastic bin until game time. 

Bowling game - Preschool Toolkit

The only materials needed for this game are containers and a set of self-adhesive numerals.  

We used a potato chip container as a bowling pin.

Bowling game


If snack containers are not available, try some other options for bowling pins: one-litre milk cartons, cardboard tubes, spaghetti or cereal boxes. If you are playing in a carpeted area, you can experiment with various containers to see which ones balance well on the floor.

Then have fun!

Bowling game


Learning through play:

  • Set the pins up in order from 1 to 10.
  • Count the number of toppled pins, 
  • Create new patterns for the pins as you set them up.
  • Use only even or odd numbers.



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