Easy to Make Rings for Family Ring Toss Game

Set up a game of ring toss in minutes with these colorful homemade rings. Provide fun for the whole family with a game of ring toss that can be played indoors or outdoors, and takes just minutes to make!

diy ring toss game for indoor or outdoor family fun

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Ring toss is a popular game that requires no special skills (although it engages spatial and fine motor skills during play!) and can be played with as few as two participants at a time.

Kids love any opportunity to throw things, and with this game they also challenge themselves to get a ringer!

The rings are easy to make with just cardboard and tape.

making cardboard rings for kids ring toss game with cardboard and tape

Ring toss ring

1. Cut circles from sturdy cardboard. Remove an inner circle to make a ring.

The size of the ring will depend on the size of the target or peg.

Our rings have a 10 inch (25 cm) outside diameter, and 6 inch (15 cm) inside diameter.


2. Wrap masking tape or duck tape around the cardboard ring, overlapping the tape as you go around the ring.

The tape strengthens the cardboard and protects it during outdoor play.

We used 1 inch (2.5 cm) masking tape.


More options:


Mom Endeavors shows you how to use nylon rope to make rings in her family ring toss game.

ABCs to ACTs uses paper plates to make a circus themed ring toss game. 


Ring toss peg

To play our ring toss game we recycled parts from a water system we recently replaced. The two blue plastic containers were the perfect height for the post/peg and heavy enough to stay in place if rings bumped up against them.

Other options for pegs for indoor play are dish soap bottles or juice containers. Rinse the containers and secure to the floor with tape, or fill them with sand or water to make them heavier so they"ll stay in place.

For outdoor pegs, use a pool noodle or a plastic bottle filled with water.


play a family game of ring toss with homemade rings

Play the Game
  • Set two pegs opposite each other at a suitable distance.
  • Each player or team stands behind a peg. 
  • The first player tosses the rings to the opponents peg. 
  • The opponent then tosses the rings back to the first player's peg.
  • Points are determined by the proximity of the ring to the post and by landing a ringer!



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