Fun Bean Bag Game Made With Recyclables

Games and activities you make yourself mean fewer materials go to the landfill and less time is spent shopping for new items. Recycle coffee cans to make this fun bean bag game. You can play indoors on a rainy day, or outdoors on a sunny day!

Bean bag game using coffee cans - Preschool Toolkit

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This is an easy DIY project. It takes little time to prepare and recycles materials that otherwise would go to the landfill.

This game can be played at a birthday party or school event, or with just one or two kids at a time.

Kids will want to play over and over and over.

Ready! Aim! Toss!

Supplies for bean bag toss:
  • empty coffee cans
  • wooden board
  • wood screws
  • construction paper


Bean bag game using coffee cans - Preschool Toolkit

Instructions for bean bag toss:

1. Cover cans with construction paper.


  • Wrap each can with a different color of paper.
  • Add letters or numbers to the cans or to the board.

2. Arrange coffee cans on a sturdy base such as 1/2 inch plywood and secure with screw nails as shown.

3. Lay the board flat on the ground, or raise one end by leaning on a step or chair.

4. Stand behind a line made with masking tape, chalk or string. Toss bean bags or soft foam balls into the cans!


Fun bean bag game

Learning through play:

1. Younger children can name the color or number where the bean bag lands.

2. Older kids can aim for a certain number and even add their scores.

3. Print suggestions for movements on slips of paper and place one in each coffee can. When your child lands a bean bag in a can, have him do the action indicated on the paper. Example: 1) wave arms overhead 2) jump up and down 3) walk on tiptoes 4) clap hands


Indoors or outdoors, kids will have fun playing this bean bag game with family and friends.

Are you ready to take a toss?



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