Fun Preschool Games with Plastic Easter Eggs

Kids will love these Easter games that use the popular plastic eggs. The activities are easy to do with few instructions. Kids will benefit from hands-on experimentation with Easter eggs. 

fun activities with plastic Easter eggs

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Try these easy Easter games with your preschoolers. The games combine fun and learning in simple ways, using plastic eggs and household materials.

Kids will love experimenting with eggs in floating, rolling, and color matching activities.

Look for these eggs in a dollar store or department store, or purchase a set of plastic eggs online.

These simple activities invite kids to explore hands-on, engaging sensory, math and cognitive skills.

Games to play with plastic eggs


plastic Easter eggs color matching game


1. Match two halves to make a whole egg.

  • Separate all the colored eggs. Find matching colors to make a complete egg. Or mix and match colors to make new eggs.



kids games with plastic Easter eggs


2. Roll eggs down an inclined plane.

  • Secure a cardboard ramp to a chair or table. Place a basket or other container at the base of the ramp to collect the eggs.


fun with plastic Easter eggs in water


3. Explore eggs with water play.

  • Observe how a plastic egg floats on water. Then hold an egg under the water until it is filled with water. Observe the water displacement of the heavier egg, with a portion of the egg immersed in the water.
  • Place a toy car or other item with weight inside an egg to observe buoyancy.



matching game with plastic Easter eggs


4. Match dots on plastic eggs to dots in egg carton.

  • Tape a colored dot on each egg. Place matching dots in the egg carton. 
  • Place the eggs in a basket or in the lid of the egg carton.


> Mark the eggs and egg carton with a numeral or a letter of the alphabet instead of dots.

> Hide the eggs around the room for a scavenger hunt.

Try these Easter games with your preschooler or toddler for some fun learning through play.


kids activities with plastic Easter eggs


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