Me and My Family Craft with Recycled Containers

Recycle snack containers for a fun craft to illustrate the members of your family. This kids craft is a simple way to reuse a disposable item while celebrating the diversity of family and relationships. Engage fine motor and creative skills in this fun open-ended activity.

kids family craft with recycled containers

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Families come in all shapes and sizes. And no two families look the same.

They include a variety of relatives and friends, along with well-loved pets.

One way to celebrate families is with this fun recycled craft. Kids can create 'people' that reflect the members of their families.

This activity is open-ended. Kids can choose to portray a member of the family or a pet, or create an entirely new character. See ideas for more types of people to create at the end of the post.

This activity builds language, social and cognitive skills, as kids relate stories about their families and the people they choose to model in this craft.

Recognizing and reinforcing diversity supports early learning, and helps build confidence and well-being.

Family members craft

Recycled snack containers are used for this fun family activity. If containers are not available, simply make cardboard tubes with a heavy paper such as cardstock. Roll the tubes to a width similar to the snack container (3 inches) (7.5 cm).

Difference in appearance and personality of each family member can be imagined and recreated with basic craft supplies. Provide a wide variety of supplies to inspire imagination and sensory play. Have fun with the designs and colors. 

Supplies for a craft about my family

Recycled containers and basic craft supplies provide a members of the family craft for kids


  • snack container
  • yarn
  • chenille stems or glitter pipe cleaner
  • lace trim or other
  • construction paper
  • craft eyes
  • pompoms
  • scissors
  • white school glue or glue gun

 Instructions for a recycled snack container craft

 Cover snack containers with construction paper for a people in my family craft


Cut each tube to desired height. Replace the lid on the tube.

Wrap patterned or plain paper around each tube and tape in place.


Tiny eyeglasses made with pipe cleaner for kids craft


Make eye glasses with a chenille stem. Bend the two side lengths back to form a loop on either side.

Bring each length forward to wrap around the top part of the loop, or bridge. This will secure the shape of the frame.

Extend the chenille stem along the back of the top of the frame.  Bend the end of the chenille stem down to form the ear piece.


Attach tiny eyeglasses to container to make a family person craft


Make a hole on either side of the tube to insert the end of the chenille stem.


Make characters in your family with recycled containers


Add yarn hair, craft eyes, lace trim, or other accessories. This is where kids can get creative with the details.


Make a moustache for a member of your family kids craft


Attach a thick chenille stem moustache in the same way as the eye glasses - cut the chenille stem to length and insert the ends into small holes on either side of the container.

Glue a chenille stem mouth and a pompom nose to the container. 


 My family preschool craft

More ways to create

 Here are a few examples of how to extend this activity in your home or classroom.

  • Each student can make a member of a school choir, or a player on a sports team.
  • Kids can make animals to include in a jungle or ocean setting displayed on a table.
  • Make characters that portray occupations or special events such as musicians and their instruments, or workers at different jobs.
  • Create a team of super heroes.

 Add this characters craft to any theme to extend fun and learning. You'll be reusing a disposable item while supporting fine motor and creative skills.


Members of my family craft for kids



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