How to Create a Family Keepsake with Felt Foot Cut Outs

Felt footprints are easy to make for a unique family keepsake. This special activity is a fun project for the family to do together. Preserve a glimpse of those memorable years with this creative footprint activity.

family keepsake using felt cutouts

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This is a fun keepsake activity that requires only two materials - felt and a picture frame.

Like hand prints, footprints are fun to compare at different ages and stages of the family and its members.

This activity can be done at home as family project, or in an early learning classroom where preschoolers can display their footprints on a felt board!

Family keepsakes help us preserve memories of special times or events enjoyed together over the years.

Create a snapshot in time with this fun footprint craft the whole family will enjoy making.

Felt footprints keepsake

This activity is so easy! The hardest part will be choosing the color of felt you would like to use for each family member's foot cutout.

  • Decide whether grownups will be represented in one color, kids in another; each family member in a different color; all members of the family in the same color felt.


Felt footprints family memories activity


Step 1. Trace one foot of each family member onto cardboard.

Since kids can be a bit wiggly, it's easier to make a cardboard template of each foot first.

Step 2. Cut out the templates.

Step 3. Trace the patterns onto pieces of felt.


Felt foot cutouts family memory activity


Step 4. Place the felt cut outs on a felt background.

Feet can be overlapped in an abstract design, or laid out in order by size.

Step 5. Frame the picture.


This simple keepsake will preserve memories of kids and other family members at certain stages of life. 

Everyone in the family can be involved in the process, and the result is perfect for decorating a kid's bedroom or playroom!

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Felt footprints family keepsake craft


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