Easter Egg Kids Craft Using Foam Trays

Kids can have fun with this Easter egg craft, using foam trays and pretty craft tape. These beautiful eggs will be perfect for decorations at home or in the classroom to celebrate the spring season!

Foam tray Easter egg craft for preschoolers

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The textures and colors of craft materials for spring themed crafts are hard to resist. Now is the time to get creative with cheerful trimmings in pastel colors - pink, yellow, light green and mauve.

Ribbon, tissue paper, confetti and other craft supplies in spring colors add a seasonal touch to crafts, games and even sensory bins.

The Easter holiday adds special themed activities to crafting with kids. This is a fun Easter craft that gives kids lots of opportunity to create while exercising fine motor skills.

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Easter eggs made with recycled foam trays

This activity is easy to provide with recycled foam trays and basic craft materials.

Foam trays from baked goods are preferable to ones that packaged meat. Regardless, foam trays should be washed thoroughly before using in crafts.

There's no limit to the options for decorating eggs in this fun art activity.

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Egg foam tray craft supplies





Craft tape on foam eggs activity for kids


1. Cut out an oval egg shape from the foam tray.

  • Kids can draw and cut out their own shapes, although they might need help cutting the foam tray. 


2. Cut lengths of craft tape to fit the egg. 

  • Washi tape actually tears easily without using scissors, if preferred.

  • Place a few strips of tape on the table for children who find it difficult to cut or tear the tape.

  • Trim the excess or wrap it around to the back of the egg shape.


Foam eggs decorated with tape and dots

3. Decorate the eggs with tape and colorful self-adhesive dots.

  • Talk about the patterns kids make with the tape and dots.


Be as creative as you like! Add stars, gems, paper confetti, or any other embellishments you might have on hand.

Display your completed foam egg as an Easter decoration!

How to display your Easter egg craft

Easter egg craft for preschoolers using recycled foam trays


1. Place the eggs in a small tin pot or in a homemade Easter basket  on a bed of Easter grass.


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Foam tray Easter egg preschool craft


2. Add a ribbon hanger to each egg and hang on an Easter 'tree'. 

  • To make the tree, insert a twig or small branch into a basket or pail. We put a piece of modeling clay on the bottom of our 'tree' to hold it firmly in the small tin pail. Fill the basket or pail with Easter grass or shredded tissue paper.

We used a tree branch in a similar way with heart shapes on a "feelings tree" for a fun sensory activity. 


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