41 Kids Activities with Real Pumpkins

This roundup of pumpkin activities includes science experiments, games, delicious foods, and much more. Enjoy these awesome activities with real pumpkins that are fun for the whole family.

how to use real pumpkins in kids activities

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Pumpkins pop up everywhere during the fall season! We find them in backyard gardens, in farmer's markets, and in the produce section of the grocery store.

Kids can hardly wait to carve them into jack-o-lanterns with silly or spooky faces.

But there's always the dilemma of what to do with too many pumpkins or left-over pumpkins.

This roundup of activities is just what you need to solve this problem.

Pumpkins harvested in the fall can be made into fun things like jack-o-lanterns, creative things like sparkly pumpkins, scientific things like volcanoes, and delicious things like muffins and cookies!

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Pumpkin activities

The activities in this roundup show how versatile the much-loved pumpkin can be.

I've included fun crafts and activities from family bloggers who celebrate the changing seasons.

For your convenience, the activities are sorted into five categories:

  • science
  • games
  • sensory bins
  • art
  • cooking with kids  

Hands-on experiences are fluid in nature so many of the activities overlap categories.

  • For example, cooking with kids involves measuring ingredients, which is a scientific (math) process. Cooking also provides sensory and fine motor experiences.

Browse the content to see what fun you can have with real pumpkins today!



 Science with pumpkins for kids


Kids learn hands-on by Growing pumpkins . / Megan Zeni

A fun STEM project from uses a pumpkin to make a Catapult . / Preschool Powol Packets

Experiment with a pumpkin in the Density lab.  / Schooling a Monkey

Set up an inclined plane for Rolling pumpkins. / Little Bins for Little Hands

What can you see Inside the pumpkin? / A Dab of Glue Will Do

Explore shapes with a pumpkin Geoboard / Fun-A-Day

Fizzy science is fun with a Mini volcano / Little Bins for Little Hands

Explore the science of Sink or float / Preschool Powol Packets

Hands-on math is fun when Counting pumpkin seeds / Babies to Bookworms

Are you good at Estimating number of seeds? / Math Geek Mama

Set up a simple experiment with this Sink or float seeds / There's Just One Mommy

Colorful science is hands-on with this erupting Volcano / Natural Beach Living

Pumpkins can be used to explore with Bubble science / Preschool Powol Packets

Learn how pumpkins grow with Life cycle books / Megan Zeni


Games and Activities

Pumpkin games and activities


Combine pumpkins and tracks to make a Train tunnel / Preschool Powol Packets

What shapes can you make with Seed shape mats? / Fantastic Fun and Learning

Go on a pumpkin Scavenger hunt / Teaching Ideas

Explore hands-on with Pumpkin activities / Schooling a Monkey

Set up a station for Washing pumpkins / Natural Beach Living

Go in and out the pumpkin with a Railroad activity / Play Trains

Extend literacy play with a pumpkin Name game / Fantastic Fun and Learning

Learn how to use pumpkins in Pumpkin gospel / Everyday Graces

Pumpkin fine motor play is fun with Hammering nails / There's Just One Mommy


Sensory Play

Sensory play with pumpkins


Have fun with pumpkin Slime / Little Bins for Little Hands

Support sensory play with pumpkin Goop / 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Make the sensory play mess-free with a Squishy bag / Fantastic Fun and Learning

Add feet to the sensory play with a Sensory walk / Teaching Ideas


 Arts and Crafts

Pumpkin arts and crafts activities for kids


Add gems and googly eyes to make Sparkly no-carve pumpkins / Pink Stripey Socks

These Batty design pumpkins are fun for Halloween / Mother Natured

Set pumpkins on edge to make Rolling art / Fantastic Fun and Learning

Make paint stamps from a pumpkin for a Stamps painting activity / Little Sprouts Learning

Hardware design pumpkins are creative and unique / Pink Stripey Socks

Try this fun painting activity making Mini pumpkin prints / What Do We Do All Day

Get creative with a  Collage art activity / Fun Learning for Kids

Reduce the mess by making Glitter no-carve pumpkins / Crafty Moms Share

Use the pumpkin seeds for Pumpkin seed art / 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Cut up a pumpkin for some Painting with pumpkin pieces / Preschool Toolkit



 Cooking with pumpkin fall activities


Pumpkin and blueberry muffins look yummy! / Crafty Moms Share

Pumpkin pie is a favorite fall treat. / Little Sprouts Learning 

Pumpkin and banana muffins are easy to make. / Crafty Moms Share

Cookies with pumpkin puree smell delicious. / Little Sprouts Learning


Left over pumpkins are now a bonus and not a problem!

This seasonal harvest can build early learning skills with fun hands-on play.


Pumpkin activities to do with kids of all ages


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