Halloween Pumpkins Painting Activity

Fall painting activities wouldn't be complete without some pictures of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. These adorable pumpkins are painted with a homemade painting tool kids will love. 

painting a pumpkin with a craft stick tool

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Halloween is a season of fun and adventure. Kids get to carve jack-o-lanterns, wear colorful costumes, and enjoy special treats.

It's easy to add even more fun to the holiday with pumpkin crafts and activities.

There are lots of different ways to paint pumpkin pictures.

This painting activity uses a homemade painting tool made with craft sticks.  This paint tool provides a unique painting opportunity for kids. 

We altered the original design of the paint tool a little for this activity. The result creates an awesome jack-o-lantern picture.


Halloween pumpkin art activity


apply glue to drawer pull with glue gun


The original design for the paint tool called for a single craft stick. For this activity, we decided to use two craft sticks.

Gluing two craft sticks together makes a wider base that creates nice rounded pumpkins. It also allows for a larger handle to be attached to the base if preferred.

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rotate the paint tool on paper to make a pumpkin


The craft stick painting tool  is easy to use.

Hold the paint tool by the handle and dip the craft sticks in orange paint.

  • You can add a science component to the activity by mixing red and yellow paints together to make orange.

Twirl the paint tool on paper to make a rounded shape like a pumpkin.


Painting with a homemade painting tool



add features to pumpkin with black paint


Once the orange paint is dry, add features with a paintbrush dipped in paint black.


Pumpkin picture Halloween painting activity for kids


Make a stem by finger painting with brown paint.


Add paper features to make a jack o lantern


Alternately, glue paper cut-outs of eyes, nose, mouth, and a stem to the pumpkin to complete the jack-o-lantern.


Pumpkin paintings kids can make with craft stick painting tools


Your pumpkins might look different depending on the paint colors and techniques used, and the imaginations and skill levels of the kids.

A pumpkin painting activity is fun for kids of all ages. Make this special decoration to display at home or in the classroom this Halloween.


Halloween painting activity creating a jack o lantern


Join the pumpkin adventure by making creative pumpkin pictures with your preschoolers!


Halloween pumpkin art activity


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